Beer and Wine Soap – This Months Giveaway

Connecting and supporting each other is what I originally intended to do with this whole writing and pastry blog. That wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, but I’m making progress.

Let me tell you about an amazing and friendly couple I met while I was back in Ohio.

I was having lunch with my best friend Brandi when we meandered through the farmers market in Perrysburg, Ohio. We met Betty and John, a retired couple with their own little soap company.

I have an obsession for soap that my doctor is reluctant to give me meds for though I’ve been asking repeatedly.

Betty and John have this fantastic soap company where they make their soaps with beer and wine. Sound delicious? In theory. They smell but do not taste like wine or beer. The soap flavor is a little overpowering.

As much soap as I’ve purchased over the years. The beer and wine soaps are a first and I think they are pure genius! The scents are fantastic, they lather up beautifully and don’t leave a filmy residue.

My friend Brandi and I stopped and chatted with them for quite sometime. They were down to earth and the most genuine friendliest couple you’d ever want to meet.

“This is them”, I remember thinking.

These are the kind of people I have been looking for and wanting to support and spread the word about. They have a fantastic business and are good hearted people. These are the kind of people that deserve and need to shine.

The soaps are amazing too. Let’s not forget the purpose. I bought a couple bars while talking to them and regret not buying more.

This months giveaway I’m giving away 6 bars of wine and beer soaps from Hope-N-Dreamz. Three wine and three beer.  Betty is mixing them up and I don’t know what scents you’ll get. Doesn’t matter they are all fantastic. Trust me.

What’s even better about Betty and John is that a portion of sales goes to Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Services of N.W. Ohio in honor of Betty’s Mom, Victoria Garza. Because Moms are the best!

Alzheimer’s is an excruciating and heart wrenching disease to witness. With Betty’s help and our help it would be an amazing world to know that one day no one would have to suffer.

Also, Brandi doesn’t read this so I can tell you. Bitch didn’t buy anything from Betty.

How you can contact Hopes-N-Dreamz to place an order.

Be sure that you are signed up for my Newsletter/Giveaway for your chance to win!!! 

Buy local and support your community.  Made right in Toledo, Ohio.

Made right in Toledo, Ohio.


  1. Melissa Storms says

    I buy local as much as possible. We have a lot of great artisans here in CNY and especially in my area. My mother in law suffered from demetia and it was heartbreaking to have lost her funny, witty personality, two periods of grieving.

  2. Gus Baldwin says

    Hey Melissa, dementia really is heartbreaking. Glad to hear you buy local as well and CNY is beautiful with great artists.

  3. Debbie says

    Jon and Betty are really the sweetest people, have known them for 35 years! I watched their boys grow up as they sat in my barber chair! It’s awesome to see them and their products featured in a blog from another city!

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