Win a $25 Gift Card from American Express

I teamed up with American Express this month for my giveaway. 

By team up, I mean I went to CVS and bought a gift card.

I myself carry an American Express because I’ve noticed rich people carry American Express and it’s the only way I’m ever going to get close to feeling like a rich person.

Although one time I did use my American Express to treat myself to a vacation in Brazil.  I felt rich for about a month.  Then the bill came.  Then I felt like the biggest dipshit.

Live and learn.  That’s my motto.  Sadly, I never learn the first time.  Ask American Express.

Can we talk about the point system on these credit cards?  Why is it… I can spend $300 on a flight back to Ohio. I don’t even know how many points I get for that. Maybe 300 points, if that?  I do know however, if I want to use my points to fly back to Ohio, I need like 80,000 points.  Is this what’s considered a racket?

Remember back in the day, and yes I am old, when people went shopping on Wheel of Fortune.  It was like, “I’ll take the pack of gum for $400 and the toenail clippers for $750”.  That’s how I feel the point system works on credit cards.

As much as I joke about using my credit cards it’s not a joke as to how many times I’ve had to dig myself out of that debt. That’s never been fun.  Working two damn jobs as a grown old man.

Did you know the average American owes an average of $15,000 in credit card debt?  That is a scary statistic.  Did you also know that 87% of American’s believe all statistics?  Even scarier.

Being signed up here at Gus Baldwin with your chance of winning a $25 gift card from American Express shows that you are taking responsibility and control of your future financial situation.  I applaud you and appreciate you.

I never really know how to close out these giveaways.  I’ll just say – Good Luck to all!

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