Win a $25 Gift Card from American Express

I teamed up with American Express this month for my giveaway. 

By team up, I mean I went to CVS and bought a gift card.

I myself carry an American Express because I’ve noticed rich people carry American Express and it’s the only way I’m ever going to get close to feeling like a rich person.

Although one time I did use my American Express to treat myself to a vacation in Brazil.  I felt rich for about a month.  Then the bill came.  Then I felt like the biggest dipshit.

Live and learn.  That’s my motto.  Sadly, I never learn the first time.  Ask American Express.

Can we talk about the point system on these credit cards?  Why is it… I can spend $300 on a flight back to Ohio. I don’t even know how many points I get for that. Maybe 300 points, if that?  I do know however, if I want to use my points to fly back to Ohio, I need like 80,000 points.  Is this what’s considered a racket?

Remember back in the day, and yes I am old, when people went shopping on Wheel of Fortune.  It was like, “I’ll take the pack of gum for $400 and the toenail clippers for $750”.  That’s how I feel the point system works on credit cards.

As much as I joke about using my credit cards it’s not a joke as to how many times I’ve had to dig myself out of that debt. That’s never been fun.  Working two damn jobs as a grown old man.

Did you know the average American owes an average of $15,000 in credit card debt?  That is a scary statistic.  Did you also know that 87% of American’s believe all statistics?  Even scarier.

Being signed up here at Gus Baldwin with your chance of winning a $25 gift card from American Express shows that you are taking responsibility and control of your future financial situation.  I applaud you and appreciate you.

I never really know how to close out these giveaways.  I’ll just say – Good Luck to all!

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  1. Credit is an evil word. I thought I was dieing so I maxed out all my cards. Guess what. I didn’t go. Oh well had a lot of fun. If you believe this your as crazy as I am.

  2. Megan L Tanner says

    Do we ever have control of our financial stability. It’s always one thing or another to keep it from our grasp

  3. Michele Rose says

    In my case I have learned the hard way. When I was younger (how did I get to be THIS age?), I maxed out nearly 15 credit cards. It took me YEARS to undo the damage. When I finally paid off my debts, I made a promise to myself: never would I do THAT again. I go without before I charge something. If I win your giveaway… itll be like getting a windfall…I’m going to splurge on something. I enjoy your blogs Gus.

  4. Gus Baldwin says

    I maxed out my cards twice and it took years each time to get out of that hole. Never again. Good luck and thanks for the kind words!

  5. LOL you’re crazy yanno that? I never learn the first time! LOL when was Brazil? (thinking back ) hmmmm

  6. Gus Baldwin says

    Brazil was some years back and one of my favorite vacations. Great people and food.

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