Butterscotch Hennessy Rice Krispies

butterscotch hennessy rice kripie treat treats recipe

Butterscotch Hennessy Rice Krispies are the grown up version of Rice Krispies. I mean, feel free to give them to your kids because they are delicious but be prepared for everyone to tell you what a horrible parent you are.  

You know, because it’s everyones business how you run your life but it’s none of your business how they run their life.  Ah, people.

Have you noticed something different with this post?  It was mentioned to me that my photography for my pastries needed work.  So this is me being a professional and trying to make everything marketable.  So I went and bought some backdrops, cake stands, plates and all this stuff to put in my pictures.  This way you think I don’t have a real job and that I actually live a really cool perfect life of just baking in my kitchen for my lovely family.  Not even close.

I will say that I like the back drops and they do change the pictures up and make the photography fun.  Originally I liked the backdrop that I had bought for this picture, until I snapped the picture.  It looks like I made these Butterscotch Hennessy Rice Krispies back in the 70’s and snapped a picture in my parents dining room with the paneled walls.

Which I kinda wish I could go back in time because the burnt orange curtains would have went beautifully with the color of the butterscotch chips.

butterscotch hennessy rice krispie treats recipe
I’m no stranger to butterscotch.  I love butterscotch and even more so as I get older. I’ve made some recipes in the past using butterscotch and I try to use it often.  The one obstacle with butterscotch is that it can over power a recipe.  It’s like peanut butter.  It’s good but there is a line.

I always found Rice Krispies a bit on the boring side and just blah.  I wanted to create something about them that made you want to go back for more.

What I love about these Rice Krispie bars is the Hennessy.  I love to bake with booze and the Hennessy not only pairs magically with the butterscotch, but when they come together they both soften each other and create a wonderful marriage of flavors.  The butterscotch chips give it a little more structure and cuts back on the overly sweet marshmallowy stickiness.

By the time you read this I will be boarding a plane bound for Toledo, Ohio.  I go back once a year to remind myself why I left.  If you’re in the Toledo area and want to have lunch or wings at Outback.  Let me know.  I’m always down for food or just plain tomfoolery.

Have a great week everyone!

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Butterscotch Hennessy Rice Krispies 

30g          butter
285g        marshmallows
250g        Rice Krispies
75g          Hennessy 
160g        Butterscotch Chips

-spray a 9×13 casserole dish with baking spray and set aside
-combine butter and Hennessy and cook over a low heat
-once butter is melted, turn heat to medium temperature and add marshmallows
-once marshmallows are melted add butterscotch chips
-after mixture is smooth and everything is melted, add Rice Krispies
-stir and combine until all the Rice Krispies are coated with the delicious Butterscotch mixture
-pour mixture into your prepared casserole dish
-spray your hand with baking spray and press the Rice Krispie mixture into casserole dish

Let set for about 2 hours before cutting.

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butterscotch hennessy rice krispie treats recipe butterscotch hennessy rice krispie treats recipe butterscotch hennessy rice krispie treats recipe


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