Ham & Cheese Jalapeño Bread

ham and cheese jalapeño loaf of bread recipe

Unlike most people, I like to make life easy.  Apparently so does Pillsbury.  With their help, mine and your life just got a whole lot easier.

I like bread.  Correction.  I love bread.

When I worked in Florida.  There was the overnight baker who was and probably still is an asshole.  But he was the funny asshole.  The only acceptable kind of asshole.

The first thing he did when he came into work was walk over to the clipboards that lined the wall.  Sunday to Saturday.  All the banquets, special requests and events for the week.

He would go through all of them with a highlighter and highlight all the misspelled words from the pastry chef.

The pastry chef couldn’t spell to save his life.  One time he asked myself and another cook how to spell the word “lid”.  No lie.  He thought there was an “e” hidden in there somewhere.

Anyhooter, the pastry chef would get pissed off and I found it absolutely hilarious. Both the misspelling highlights and his anger.

I got to be on good terms with the baker after a long night of service in the cafe and just being beyond exhausted. Him and I got into a shouting match in the kitchen at three in the morning.  It’s like I won his respecting, being the quiet keep to myself kinda guy I am, he assumed he could walk all over.  He was wrong.

Plus, I really appreciate sarcasm and a funny asshole.  Deep down I wanted to be his friend anyway.

The baker also loved to eat and knew how to eat well.

He would make these loaves of bread with loads of meat and cheese, roll them up and bake em.  They were marvelous.  A couple times he called me in the middle of the night to come back to the hotel to try what he made.

He would make Greek, Italian and the Reuben, which is my all time favorite sandwich anyway.  Dude was super creative and these bread rolls still haunt my dreams.  I told him he should open a shop.

I see a market for these.  Grab and go sandwiches.  No soggy bread from sitting in a refrigerator case.  No mayo or mustard oozing out and onto your clothes.  Easy to eat while cruising down the expressway.

Note to self:  Work on business plan.

I made this Ham & Cheese Jalapeño Bread in homage to the baker in Florida and I was just craving one in general. I have been baking these Ham & Cheese Jalapeño breads on a weekly basis now.  My assistant and I can’t seem to get enough of them.

I stumbled upon Pillsbury’s French Bread at the grocery store.  I was actually going to make this recipe with Pillsbury’s croissant rolls until I saw the French Bread.  I didn’t know this existed but couldn’t be happier that it does.

ham and cheese jalapeño bread recipe ham and cheese jalapeño loaf of bread recipe

The Pillsbury French Bread in the tube, I know it sounds weird, is actually very tasty.  I know we’re all busy pretending to be busy.  I get it.  I pretend I’m important too.  When I get in line at the grocery store I huff and puff and look around and let everyone know “I don’t have time for this shit”.  Then I proceed to treat the cashier like shit.

We don’t want people to know we’re lazy bums.  Pillsbury secretly knows we are though.  Isn’t that great?  Thank you Pillsbury for not telling anyone our secret.

I took a bread baking course a couple months back.  There is nothing better than a fresh warm loaf of bread right out of the oven.  I’ll be the first to admit that.  Realistically, baking bread at home is not something done daily or even weekly.  It’s time consuming.

Pillsbury took that hard work and time and put it in a tube.  God Bless them!

Now, you, me and all those people in line at the grocery store that are in a hurry, that weren’t in a hurry while they were shopping.  Can now have fresh warm bread daily!

Even better.  You can have Ham & Cheese Jalapeño Bread with just 7 more minutes of your time.  I mean, if the cashier would use both her damn arms to scan the groceries.  Bitch!

It’s picnic season and the Ham & Cheese Jalapeño Bread works perfectly for a picnic in the park with some beers!

Hope everyone has a great week and gets out and enjoys the sun!!

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Ham & Cheese Jalapeño Bread


1 Tube of Pillsbury French Bread
1c             shredded cheese
1/4c         pickled jalapeños, chopped
10-12       pieces of thinly sliced ham

-Pop open the tube of French Bread
-Roll the French Bread out onto a floured surface
-Lay your ham slices out cover 3/4 of the dough
(Leave a little lip at top to make a seal when you roll the dough)
-Cover the ham with the cheese
-Sprinkle your chopped jalapeños on top of the cheese
-Starting at the bottom, start to roll your up dough
-Making sure to keep it tight
-Once it’s all rolled up, that lip I told you to keep. Give it a good pinch all the way down the bread. At the end of the roll, make sure to tuck in the ends. Making sure all seems and openings are pinched closed. We don’t want this bad boy to pop open and lose all the good cheese filling.
-Transfer the dough to a sheet pan lined with parchment paper
-Brush off any excess flour
-Make about 6 shallow cuts across the top of the dough, making sure not to go too deep

Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour.  Rotating half way through baking.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  There is a seem on the French Bread.  This is where and how you will unroll the dough.  When opening the tube of French Bread, be careful.  You don’t want to smash or handle the dough too much, as you will lose this seem.  Making unrolling the dough next to impossible.  Believe me, I’ve done it and it made me very sad.

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ham and cheese jalapeño loaf of bread recipe

ham and cheese jalapeño loaf of bread recipe ham and cheese jalapeño loaf of bread recipe

ham and cheese jalapeño loaf of bread recipe ham and cheese jalapeño loaf of bread recipe

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