This months giveaway – Douwe Egberts Coffee

This month I am giving away three packages of my favorite coffee.  Douwe Egberts.

I was introduced to Douwe Egbert coffee many years ago by my great friend Eric. Eric is a coffee fanatic like myself and makes a banging cup of coffee.

Eric was visiting New York and I apologized for the crappy coffee that I had.  It was some crap work gave me in a Christmas gift basket. The next morning when we woke up, Eric had already coffee on and it was delicious.  Everyone made the comment how good it was and I was blown away.  “Where did you get the coffee from!?” I said so excited.  “Uh, there was a bag in the freezer” he said.

I don’t know how he does it. Dude can make a banging cup of coffee from garbage.

So when Eric told me about Douwe Egberts.  I knew it had to be good.  I trusted him.

Eric told me that the Emergency Room at the local hospital actually had a Douwe Egberts machine in their waiting room.  When I went back to Ohio I would pop in the Emergency Room to get my coffee.  Not to mention it was complimentary.

Once when I was visiting Ohio my Mom had to go see her heart doctor at the hospital.  The appointment was the first of the day at 8am. Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t do mornings.  I actually got up that early in the morning to go with my Mom because I love Douwe Egberts coffee that much.  I mean, my Mom.  I love my Mommy and wanted to be there for her.

The tragic part of the story is we were faced with bad news at the hospital.  They no longer have the Douwe Egberts machine.  I was crushed.

Since Douwe Egberts disappeared from the hospital.  There is nowhere to get Douwe Egberts back in Ohio.  One more reason not to live there.  The list grows longer everyday.

The thing that sucks about Douwe Egberts.  It’s huge in Europe and not so much here in the States.  America doesn’t have a food culture.  We’re not familiar with food and quality.  We’ve been told how to think and consume.  We like Starbucks because we’ve been told too.  Unless you need to use the restroom there is no reason to be in there.

It’s really a shame because Douwe Egberts is a phenomenal coffee.  Sadly, Douwe Egberts hasn’t got the American genius to pay some no talent douchebag of a celebrity to tell Americans they should be drinking it.  But…

Thanks to my friends at Amazon who are supposedly putting the Post Office out of business. That’s kind of why I like Amazon even more.  Have you been to the Post Office lately?  Man, what a bunch of nasty fucking people.

Anyway, I am now able to get my Douwe Egberts coffee here in the States and so are you.

This months giveaway I am sending one lucky winner… maybe two or three winners… three bags of Douwe Egberts coffee!!!  Hopefully you’re a coffee fan like myself.  If not?  I don’t care.  Give it away.

I am confident that you will love Douwe Egberts coffee.  We may even start ordering enough of it that the makers of Douwe Egberts may bring more of it to the States.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Oh and feel free to say it the American way.  Doo-Wee Egg-bert.  My Belgian friends, Pascale and Gilles, tried to get me to say it the proper way.  I’m not sure who gave up first.  Me or them.

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