This Months Giveaway – 6 Pastry Essentials

I have good news, some really bad news and good news about the really bad news.

The good news is… It’s time once again for this months giveaway.  The really bad news is… I have jury duty.  You know jury duty sucks when you’d rather be at work.

The good news about the really bad news?  Although jury duty is a soul sucking experience.  It makes for great people watching and observing.

Back to this months giveaway.  I’m giving away what I believe to be essential tools every pastry cook should have on them.  Yes, even if you’re a home cook.  You should have these on you at all times.

A pastry starter kit if you will.

A must for pastry is a small offset spatula.  This thing can do everything.  Cutting, lifting, moving, flattening cake batter or frosting.  It does it all.

Rubber spatula is a given.  Cook, stir, get every last bit out of a bowl and tomfoolery in the kitchen.  Used hard enough and someones ass will be as red as a baboons.

A pairing knife is just an all around chefs tool.  Pastries pairing knives are as sharp as a butter knife as we tend to cut on any surface.  I’ve tried to end it many times.  My knife won’t even break the skin.  Line cooks treat their knives better than they treat themselves.  Pastry?  Eh, its a knife.  I’ll buy another one from the dollar store.

Scissors are good for cutting parchment, opening boxes, acetate for chocolate work and a clean cut of a piping bag.

A zester is a great tool.  I use citrus quite a bit in my baking and pastries, so I always have my zester by my side.  And in the fall, nothing beats a fresh zest of nutmeg on a cheese pie or pumpkin or apple pie.  It’s also great to work off any calluses you may have from being on your feet all day.  Just make sure you wash and sanitize your zester.  The health department is so picky.  Ugh.

A marker, because you should label everything.  The health department will let a lot of things slide (see zester paragraph above) but not labeling something is a big no no. I also label stuff at home too. I lose track of something when I throw it in the fridge.  If I see a date on something and it’s getting close.  It forces me to use it, instead of throwing it away.

These 6 tools are enough to get you started in the pastry world.  Later we’ll move on to booze and antidepressants.  But that’s like another 5 or more years after you have a real job working 12 hours a day.  Then you realize you paid a ton of money in culinary school only to make as much as a cashier at Home Depot and you’re working every weekend and Holiday until you die.

Isn’t pastry chefing fun!?

Here are the rules in order for your chance to win.  Sign up your name with your email at the bottom of the page where it says Newsletter/Giveaway.  It’s that easy.


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