Where are they now?

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Feeling a little down?  Full on depressed?  Think you are or have gone nowhere in life?  Don’t.  You haven’t.  You are doing just fine.

People feel this way from time to time.  It’s normal.  Actually it’s quite common. Even the best of the best feel this way from time to time.

What’s not normal but tends to be very common. Is that those people that put you down, you let their words sink into your head and be your truth.  It is not true and couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you think high school is or was your only time to shine.  You will have a very very sad and empty future.

If you’re in high school and reading this.  In twenty years find those you went to high school with and you’ll see.  I encourage you to do this because it will really lift your spirits.

When you look back at all those that made fun of you, put you down, thought they were better than you.  Where are they now?

Chances are more than good that they are in worse shape than you thought.  Same job, poor pay, sadly married and my personal favorite, pathetically out of shape.

Losers that put people down and think they are better than you go nowhere.  You’ll see this when you get out of school too.

Your first job you’ll work with a guy or girl who will make your life a living hell. They will let you know you’re doing everything wrong, they’ve been working there for a while so clearly they know everything about everything and that everyone that works there loves them.  Oh, they think they are just king of the castle there.

You know why they think that way?  Because it’s all they got.  When you move on with your life and up with your career.  Again, look back in a couple years and see where they are.  This person will still be at the same job and treating the new person like shit. That’s how they were in high school and their dead end job is their new high school.

Your own worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts. – Buddha


When I look back at school and see those that talked shit about me in high school and at past jobs?  I see, dead end jobs or still at the dead end job, homely, big into drugs and my personal favorite, fat and disgusting.  I mean, a lot of them are fat. Being a former fatty I can not tell you how happy this makes me.

Becoming the put downs that people say about us is like putting money in there pocket.  It isn’t a reality at all.  It’s just them trying to make themselves feel better about themselves.  This is a lesson we never learn until were too old to give a shit about doing something about it.

Press on.  Do your thing.  People are going to talk shit no matter what.  One day those losers will wonder where are you now and look for you.  From someone who’s experienced a lot of hate and jealousy for doing what I do.  I can guarantee it.

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