The Abnormal Beauty Company – This months giveaway.

I was debating what to give away this month to my readers.   When I got to thinking.  Since I’m just like Oprah.  Why don’t I giveaway one of my favorite things?

We really do have a lot in common, her and I, that I had never really realized until I sat down and thought about it.  We both love dogs.  We both think we’re God.  We both love to eat.  She has her friend Gayle.  I have my Assistant Gilberto.  She interviews people.  I sit on my couch and pretend to interview people.  She has a ton of money.  I expect people to treat me like I have a ton of money.

We both have a-ha moments.  I’m sure they are way different.  Mine are more like, “Man, I hate my job. A-ha, there’s booze in my locker!”
Oprah’s are more like, “M’am, you can’t treat the staff like shit.”   “A-ha!  But I’m Oprah!”

We had so much in common that it only made sense that this month I decided to give away one of my favorite things.

ONE of my favorite things!  Don’t act a fool like the people do in her audience.  I don’t have her money and companies aren’t lining up at my door to sponsor me and give stuff away for free in my name either.

God I hated that show.

The thing I’m giving away this month that is my favorite thing??  Skincare products. Yeah, products are my thing.  Ain’t gonna lie.  For years I had just been rubbing my tears into my face as a moisturizer.  Now that I’m getting up there in years.  Need something with a little more science.

I’ll tell you a quick story to give you an idea of my skincare overload.  My best friend Brandi and I were at Sephora.  When she looked at me and said, “So uh… how much shit do you put on your face before it becomes pointless.”  Isn’t she hilarious?  That’s why she’s my best friend.  Oh, and the answer by the way is 6.

There is a new skincare company out there called Deciem.  They are an amazing company out of Canada that has killer products that do wonders and get this.  They are affordable.  You don’t have to ask the angry girl at the counter, “Excuse me.  I could buy all the ingredients in this jar at the drugstore for $20.  Why is this one ounce jar $85?”

Deciem is my new favorite thing.  I highly suggest you keep an eye on them.  They are doing wonderful things for skincare, humanity and continue to grow and push out great products.  They even took the initiative to lower the cost of one of their products as they were able to save money.  How cool is that?  In a time of corruption and greed.  A company like this is a rarity.

It is my favorite thing and since they are so reasonably priced I am able to actually give you three of my favorites.  

All you have to do is sign up your email here at Gus Baldwin and you’re in the running.  Good luck!

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