Blueberry Compote

blueberry compote recipe with scones

Blueberries are my favorite fruit of all time.  Coming in at a close second is Richard Simmons.

Blueberries are a phenomenal fruit that are not only delicious but have remarkable health benefits and are high in antioxidants.  In fact, Dr. Oz calls them Brainberries. Is the guy a hoot or what?

Do you ever have the feeling that your life is boring and you have nothing going on?  You dread the thought of people asking you what you’ve been up too because you know you have no life.  Then all of a sudden all your friends at one time want to do something.

That happened this last weekend.

Some dear friends were in town from Boston and there is no way I’m not spending time with them.  The difficult  part is telling the other friends who know you don’t have a life now out of the blue you’re telling them you’re busy.  They immediately think you’re bullshitting them.

Our friends from Boston are awesome and hilarious and all around great people. With that said, Sandra is also demanding and it’s as if the Queen is arriving and we must be ready.  Just take a look at the text.

She jokes but she’s dead serious.  The weekend was spent getting ready for her arrival.  At the same time I had to meet my friend James at the market as we get ready for filming some wine videos. The whole time I was at the market all I could think about was “Man, if I don’t have anything for Sandra.  She’s going to go ape shit”.

I always tend to have blueberries in the fridge and my Lemon Ricotta Scones are so simple and too damn good not to whip up.  That was my go-to.  My stress level went from a 10 down to a 9.

I remember the first time I had a fresh made blueberry compote.  I was in heaven. Coming from Ohio, I thought blueberries only naturally occurred in pancakes. Having a blueberry compote in my fridge for the summer is a must.  The compote brightens any oatmeal, yogurt, croissant and just about anything breakfasty or bread like in nature.

When all is said and done, everyone loved the scones, even the kids and more importantly Sandra gave her approval.  Thank God because it was Sunday and I don’t like to fight on Sundays.  But I will if I have to.  Luckily I can pawn my assistant off on Sandra and I can talk with Sandra’s assistant Taggart.

Sunday was spent at the house eating, laughing and reminiscing.  I can’t say enough about Sandra and her husband Taggart.  Amazing people and it’s refreshing to know they have a couple little ones and want more.  When I look at most people with kids it makes me sad because it’s just more douchebags the world doesn’t need.  Then people like them have kids and that’s where the balance comes in.

It makes me think that there could possibly be a future for this world.

The thing I’m most thankful for is good folks and friends.  Friends that have become family.

Make the blueberry compote and have it the fridge for when unexpected friends drop in.  Do people drop in unexpectedly anymore?  Then you know what?  Make it for your damn self and take it as a gift to a friends house that has become your family.  Gifts, especially homemade are always appreciated most.

Thanks for stopping in unexpectedly today.  I sure appreciate it.  If you’re loving the recipes and content.  Please sign up your email address at the bottom of the page or to your right.  Every month there are giveaways for you chance to win to amazing products.

Blueberry Compote

80g       sugar
50g       water
1/2       vanilla bean
25g       maple syrup  (real maple syrup)
500g    blueberries
1 piece cinnamon stick

-combine sugar, water, vanilla, maple, cinnamon stick and 1/3 of the blueberries in a pot.
-cook for approximately 10 minutes at a simmer.
-after the ten minutes add your remaining blueberries and simmer an additional 5 minutes.

Notes:  I know vanilla beans are expensive.  You can use a teaspoon of vanilla extract.  That will work just fine.  Do not use cinnamon powder.  Cinnamon powder will make the mix gummy and like snot.  Not attractive and not appetizing.  Yes please use real maple syrup.  Anything else is just sugar with maple flavoring. Maple flavoring is great for cakes, pastries and buttercream but here it will dominate the compote.  You don’t want that.  You want harmony.  Blueberries are the star here.

blueberry compote recipe with scones blueberry compote recipe with scones blueberry compote recipe with scones blueberry compote recipe with scones blueberry compote recipe with scones


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