She could have been anyone.

sweet and vicious new york city bar

Years ago when I first moved to New York City, I had a couple friends I ran with trying out new bars, clubs and just whatever tomfoolery we could get into. When one night we passed a bar that looked really cool, yet it was empty.  My gut feeling told me I had to go in.  Best New York decision I ever made.

The bartender was this beautiful woman with long jet black hair, dark eyes, killer smile and body that could stop traffic.  My first impression of her was that no one like her existed except in movies.  I always wanted to write an article about how perfection isn’t funny or interesting.  This is just one of the definitions I would find out that she shattered.

Michele was magnetic from the beginning.  We sat and talked with Michele like we had known her our whole lives.

We kept in touch, hung out and became great friends.

About a year ago, myself and another dear friend had lunch with Michele.  A week after we had lunch, Michele announced that she was moving to Los Angeles. “That bitch!  She knew she was moving to LA when we had lunch and she didn’t say a word!” I said out loud.  Then I smiled

Since that day I wanted to write about Michele.  I couldn’t.  It drove me nuts.

Sitting with my notepad on a rainy February day I asked myself why I couldn’t write about Michele.  That’s exactly when I could write everything.

Michele is one of those people you meet once in your lifetime.  She is everything you wished you had the balls to be.  Open but mysterious and completely undefined.

A risk taker.  Not a talker but a doer.  Honest and vulnerable.  Totally giving of love no matter how many times he’s been hurt.  The sweetest soul with the toughest exterior.

I’ve never heard her say a bad word about anyone.  She’s had fabulous jobs and when not challenged or respected and appreciated.  She walked away and never looked back or even spoke about it.

Nothings ever been about money.  She wants to create art, design and craft the perfect happy life.  She’s well on her way.

The woman takes in crippled animals with mental problems worse than her own.

Michele is a woman that can build anything while most guys nowadays can’t even put together furniture from a box.  Most dudes are intimidated by her.  She is everything you want in a woman and everything you fear.

Michele is creative beyond belief and see’s and creates love and art in everything that she does.  If there is not already a path, she will make one.  She breaks every mold of definition you think you know about her and woman in general and if she hasn’t broken it yet she most certainly will.

That book you’re reading about making the most of your life?  Michele is that book.

The world is in a desperate need for more Michele’s.

She could have been anyone of the hundreds of people I met that night.  Thank God it was Michele.

To Michele, I don’t know if and when we’ll meet again.  I value our friendship more than you know. I have the utmost respect and admiration for you and your “fuck it, I’m doing it” approach to life.  You’re one of the few gems left in this world. You inspire me every day.  Keep the wicked sense of humor.

Is it ironic that I met Michele at a bar called Sweet and Vicious?

Not at all.

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