Win a Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card

Bed Bath & Beyond is my go to store for pretty much everything.  It’s such a great store that I have this fear it’s only a matter of time before Amazon buys them too. 

I used to be a die hard Target person.  I still go there from time to time for certain things or I just head straight for what’s on sale.

The nearest Target for me is was way out in Queens and I have to take two different trains to get there.  It was a day trip.  In my one track, not too smart, child like mind it was totally worth it.  I loved Target.  Then, they just got this pretentious thing stuck up their ass.

Did Target think that we wouldn’t notice that their prices have gone up? Considerably.  When I would go back to Ohio my first trip was to Target to load up on what I needed.  Then their prices back in Ohio were the same prices as what I would find here in New York.

If Target’s trying to compete with Walmart they have to do what Walmart does.  Screw your employees and suppliers to the point they live in poverty and then pass that savings on to the people.    

Luckily, I discovered/realized that Bed Bath & Beyond’s prices were much lower than Target.  No need for Target anymore and I was much happier.  Plus, Bed Bath & Beyond’s stores are so much nicer and brighter than Target.  

Bonus, Bed Bath & Beyond frequently sends $5 off coupons in the mail.  I know, crazy right.  Take notes Target.  

This month I’ve decided to give one of you lucky readers a $25 Gift Card to Bed Bath & Beyond.  

Before you say I’m too nice of a guy.  I already know. 

I’m a big fan of this place (I’m tired of typing out Bed Bath & Beyond) and though they sure don’t need my endorsement.  I think it’s a great place, I’m there often enough to the point I think the employees think I’m scouting the joint, the prices are fair and the bathrooms are always clean.  When you live in New York, you have to know where your bathroom spots are located.

Good luck to all and I hope this gift card turns you into a… damn it… a Bed Bath & Beyond customer for life!!! 

You know to be in the running for your chance to win the gift card.  You have to sign up your email address.  Otherwise, how the hell are you going to win??  

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