Why you and your best friend hate the same people.

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You know when people say jokingly, “We’re friends because we hate the same people.”  Well, it’s funny because it’s true.  And actually, it’s a good thing. 

If someone likes someone or tolerates their behavior.  Automatically, they can’t be trusted.  Non friend material, immediately.  If you sway too easy,  you have no merit.  Your word means absolutely nothing.  You can be bribed.  There is no fence.  People are cool or not.  Pick one.  If you like someone who I think is a piece of shit.  I have to keep you at arms length.  I don’t trust your judgement or your character.

Yeah, of course, you can be friends with someone who is friends with someone you hate but a true friend.  A best friend will hate the same person as you.

When a friend hates the same person as you there is a mutual agreement.  A trust.  A bond if you will.  You get this breath of fresh air and sense of relief so you think, “Thank God someone else sees through the bullshit.” 

If you like someone and bullshit with someone who I think is a total douchebag.  I’m assuming you two have something in common and what would you have in common with a douchebag?  No way would I be friends with a douchebag so why would I be friends with someone who thinks a douchebag is an all right guy?

Be careful when someone says, “I like Jack.  He’s a good guy.”  Uh…No.  No he’s not.

“You can’t make a good deal with a bad person.” – Warren Buffet 

When someone says they like someone who is clearly a worthless piece of shit.  My first thought is, “Why don’t you like yourself?”

Either you are dumb and weak minded to buy into their bullshit or you have such low self-esteem that you’ll take friendship at any cost.  It’s such a sad thing to see and it happens daily.  Tomorrow at work or school, take a look at who’s the best of buds.  There.  You.  Go.

Your closest friend wouldn’t be friends with some loser who is nothing but trouble and you can respect that.  That’s why you’re friends in the first place.  If you respect yourself you wouldn’t be around someone who you can’t trust and your friend wouldn’t either.

I’m not saying you can’t be courteous to these people and you can do business with them. But in no way shape or form are you friends.  Business is business and friends are friends.  That’s a whole other topic.

How many friendships have gone sour between two people and the group of friends take the trouble makers side?  If you look at the big picture.  Those people are just as bad as the person they chose to be friends with.  You’ll be shocked but not really.  Deep down most people are weak.  This is how I learned the hard way about true friendship.  Lesson learned.  Moved on.  Never looking back.

Have 80’s movies taught us nothing?  They should be shown in classrooms.

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