People are not a mirror of ourselves.

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Regardless of what you’ve been told.  People are not a mirror of ourselves. I never could grasp this thinking and until I let go of it and realized for myself.  Then was I free from this belief.  

All my life I’ve seen this quote or affirmation, whatever you want to call it, all over the place.  As much self help and spiritual books I read, and I have read a lot, I am unable to believe this to be true.

I tried and I tried for years to understand this saying these “teachers” were trying to say.  I looked at people and tried to dig deep and see myself in them.  I didn’t refuse anything.  I actually wanted to see myself in people.  I was hoping it would decrease my suffering.  Set me free. But I couldn’t.

There was no way that a trait that I disliked in someone was a trait that I disliked in myself.  Someone who believed their actions of selfishness, anger, deceit, lies and just downright hurtful ways towards people and life was acceptable.  These are traits I do not have nor admire in anyone.  Someone who I have no respect for.

How could someone like that be a mirror of myself?

I did all the “What’s wrong with me?” questions.  It must be me.  Why am I not getting or understanding this people are a mirror of myself thing?  I kept thinking, “If these people really were a reflection of me?  Then damn, I don’t like me”.

It wasn’t until I realized and opened my eyes to myself, my true self and the person I wanted to be.  That no one is a mirror to myself except when I’m actually looking in the mirror.

I can only love you and respect you.  I will treat you with kindness and be fair. Because that is the person in my mirror that I love and respect and treat with kindness.  

If you choose to be rude and disrespectful to me and those around you.  That is the person in your mirror that you treat rudely and disrespect.  Yes, that person is you. 

I have no reflection in your life.  People may come through our lives and teach us a thing or two and then they move on.  I’m just a stranger passing through the room with no ties to you whatsoever.   

How you choose to treat me and everyone else around you, is a reflection of the person in your mirror.  It is a reflection of what’s going on in your life.  

“If you are willing to look at another person’s behavior toward you as a reflection with themselves rather than a statement about your values as a person, then you will, over a period of time cease to react at all.” –  Yogi Bhajan 

Look in that mirror and only see you.  That is your competition, your love, your life.  Your one and only.  Love it and respect it because no one else will if you can’t.  How you treat that person in the mirror is how you treat people out in the world.  

Do not try to see yourself in anyone else.  The world has enough copycats and we sure don’t need any more.  We need more originals and we definitely need more self respect and self love in this world. 

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