Irish Cream Oatmeal Cookies

irish cream baileys oatmeal cookies

I use Irish Cream quite often.  I try to incorporate Irish Cream into almost everything to see it if works.  The interesting thing about Irish Cream, is the results can either be heaven or hell. Wow!  There really is no gray area with Irish Cream. What a bitch!  

One way I adore my Irish Cream is to add it to my oatmeal in the morning.  So I got to thinking that if it’s so good in my morning oatmeal then it had to —-  Did you just roll your eyes at me?  Oh I’m sorry.  Does my flavoring my breakfast with Irish Cream offend you?   If so, why don’t you take it on over to my enemies page, Martha Stewart, because we don’t judge and think we’re God’s gift to the world here.

Now that THOSE people are gone, I will continue.  I get my big kid bowl, fill it with my oatmeal and then I load it up with bananas, peanuts, blueberries and just about whatever else I have laying around I’m trying to get rid of or just sounds good. Dust it with a little cinnamon or a lot depending on if my assistant didn’t put the damn lid on right.  Then I shower that dirty girl with some Irish Cream.

I set up shop on the table next to the couch with my coffee, my phone, notepad, jar of peanuts and turn on some TedTalks.

Do you watch TedTalk?  I was introduced to TedTalks from a past roommate and have been in love ever since.

They are quite inspiring and really make you think.  I like things that take me away from the ordinary day to day life.  Especially airplanes.  I swear to God, one day I’m just going to leave a note, “Had to go. Take care. Gus”.   Don’t go looking for me. Please.  I left for a reason.  Do what you wish with my things.  I don’t need them.

Have you read the latest reports that ADD is totally made up and bogus?  I did and my question is:  If it’s a made up disorder.  Then how do I have it?  I can’t write a 500 word article about Oatmeal Cookies without going off into the distance.

Speaking of, have you seen the recipe for Irish Cream Oatmeal Cookies?  They sound so good!!  Well, I’m here to tell you that they are.  They could just be overrated like everything else in this world.  You know what’s not overrated?  The song Overrated by Mika.  Make the cookies, listen to the song and you decide.  Let me know.  I’ll read your comments until I get distracted.

Am I driving you nuts yet because I want to smack the shit out of myself.

All disorders aside, I love these cookies.  I know it’s hard to tell when I’m joking or not but it’s true.   These cookies are simple, key word, and there are no eggs if you’re into the “no egg” life.  Not vegan but no eggs at least.  I love the Irish Cream in with the oat and hearty brown sugar flavors.  These cookies with a big glass of milk or coffee or even a glass of Irish Cream.  You just can’t go wrong.

I guess what I was trying to say this whole time is that since I love Irish Cream in my oatmeal then it had to be amazing in an oatmeal cookie.  It only made sense to me and the results were phenomenal!!!  If you’re an Irish Cream fan like myself, you’ll love em too.


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Irish Cream Oatmeal Cookies

225g         Irish Cream ( I used Brady’s)
200g         Butter
300g         Brown sugar
250g         Flour
300g         Quick Cooking Oatmeal  (I used Quaker)
10g           Baking Soda
6g             Vanilla Extract
3g             Cinnamon
5g             Salt

-Combine all the dry ingredients. Set aside.
-Melt butter and add to dry ingredients.
-Add Irish Cream last and combine until a smooth dough forms.
-Scoop cookies out using an ice cream scoop.

Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.  Let cookies set at least 30 minutes.

Real quick:  You can’t really screw this recipe up.  Dump everything into a bowl, mix and bake.  You can alter how the cookies come out depending on what type of cookie person you are.  If you like thick chewy cookies.  When you scoop the cookie, let it keep its original shape.  If you like thin crispy cookies, flatten the cookie with the palm of your hand before you bake them.  Either way they come out delicious and you can do the recipe half soft, half crispy and everyones happy. At least about the cookies.  If there is a complainer in the group, it’s never a win situation.  Those people are just awful.

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irish cream baileys oatmeal cookies irish cream baileys oatmeal cookies irish cream baileys oatmeal cookies irish cream baileys oatmeal cookies


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