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Win a Care Package from Astoria, New York

It’s no secret I live in New York City. I do and I don’t.  Everyone thinks if you live in New York City that you actually live in the city in some glass high rise with a doorman.  No, I don’t.  I live in some box of an apartment in Astoria, Queens.   It may not be Manhattan but you know what it has that Manhattan doesn’t? Character.

Character is something people like to say to make themselves feel better for not being able to afford what they really want.

After a short nine month stay in the Bronx with a lovely couple, Vera and James. These two are the most wonderful people I met since being in New York. The world is full of great people.  Don’t listen to the news.  I then moved to Astoria with some friends and have been here ever since.

I do love Astoria and though the rents are getting high, I love it here.  I would say illegal but we all know, as long as money is involved and someones getting rich, legality goes out the window.  I remain here and live pay check to pay check.  The American way.

Another thing I’ve always been big on, is supporting the local stores and markets. As time goes by the local stores are getting less and less.  I think this is a real shame but I understand it at the same time.  What I also don’t understand is someone will shop in CVS and pay $10 more for the same thing they can get at Target but will tell you the local store is overpriced?

Ah, people.

There is a local store called Inside Astoria that I pass everyday as I make my way to the train.  I’ve been in a couple times and bought nothing.  When it dawned on me. If I purchase stuff it will help him stay in business.  I like to support the local people trying to make it happen.

This local store is really a community gem.  They have great stuff, cool knick knacks for your house and they sell local artists stuff.  I love stores like that.  People helping people. They really are a dying breed.

I went in and purchased some stuff that depicts the Astoria area.  I feel giving you Astoria stuff will support the local store and give us a closer relationship.  You will have a better idea as to where I live.  Not exactly where I live.  Though a stalker would be flattering I would feel I would have to keep up appearances and try to be interesting for them.  I just don’t have that kind of energy anymore.

In this care package is a picture from local photographer Brian Sills of my favorite bridge in Astoria park.  You will find me in this park on a daily basis once the weather turns warm.  Being as I am a huge coffee drinker, I am also throwing in a coffee cup with the Astoria subway stops and random street names written all over it.  It’s not in the picture, but I will also send you an Astoria T-shirt.  Once your name is drawn I will email you and get the size you prefer.  Be warned I will tell everyone what size you wear.

I hope you’re looking forward to this months giveaway.  I’m really happy to send you something from Astoria.  A little piece of Gusville.

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