Apple Pie a la Mode Cocktail

crown royal rumchata bourbon apple pie a la mode cocktail recipe

This drink has been my go to drink for almost two months now.  Isn’t it lovely how a perfectly constructed cocktail can make the simplest moments in life just grand.

At the Holiday’s just keep in mind that alcohol is a stimulant.  It doesn’t make everything fun.  It makes fun moments more fun. It doesn’t mask sad moments. It makes sad moments more sad.  Please keep this in mind.

If you’re around fun people who are a hoot and holler to be around.  Alcohol will elevate that and just make it an all out gut busting good time. For example, my dear friend Pepper’s Christmas Party.   If you’re around boring, pathetic and sad people. It will make you want to blow your head off.  For example, once I thought I would drink at work to dull the pain.  I ended up in the locker room, sitting on a bench, crying my eyes out.

Please be careful and drink responsibly.

My assistant Gilberto brought a bottle of Crown Royal Regal Apple to the test kitchen for reasons I can only guess.  I don’t understand half the shit he does.  It’s him doing his thing and it makes him happy.  I let him run with it.  I believe in letting people be themselves without judgment.

It’s that time of year.  Everything apple, spice and everything spiked.

Usually I try to make a more Champagne inspired drink or sparkling wine drink if you’re the PC guy that nobody likes.

I decided to change things up this year because I hate the predictable guy so I sure don’t want to be him.  I prefer to be hated for my sarcasm and uncalledforness.  So this year since I have been drinking so many of the Apple Pie a la Mode drinks I decided it shall be my New Years Eve Cocktail.

I think everyone should have their go to cocktail and this should definitely be yours at the Holiday Season.  It’s smooth and spicy and the additional bourbon gives it a bad ass finish.  It’s not froufrou and sweet all the way through.  You will definitely become the sarcastic person that no one likes.  You can then come talk to me.  I’ll probably be out on the porch because everyones house is so damn hot this time of year.

I hope you turn this cocktail out at New Years and turn the music up.  Life is short and flies by.  Enjoy!!  Make sure you have your designated drivers too.  Very important.

I would like to thank all of you for coming here often and supporting my adventure.  It is much appreciated and the love is felt.  Wishing all of you the best now and well into the future.

From all of us here at Gus Baldwin.

Thank you.

Apple Pie a la Mode

1 1/2oz     Rumchata
1oz            Crown Royal Regal Apple 
1/2oz        Bourbon (I used Woodford Reserve)
1tsp          Maple Syrup

-stir and pour over ice
-garnish with apple slices and a cinnamon stick

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apple pie a la mode cocktail recipe


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