3 Ingredient Cream Cheese Cinnamon Braid

3 ingredient cinnamon breakfast braid recipe pillsbury cinnamon rolls

I hate cute couples. They’re not funny. They’re not cute. They’re not romantic. They’re annoying. Am I alone on this?

You know you have that cute friend couple that is just so perfect and down right annoying. That couple that sees who can leave more hearts for the other to find around the house. It’s disgusting. My Assistant and I have a game to see who can go the longest without telling the other to “Fuck off”. Eight months into this game and I have never won. Actually, I know I won’t win because unbeknownst to him, I quit playing three months ago. He’s actually the one that came up with the game probably because he knows I’m irritated easily.

It’s gotten to the point that he says, “Hey, you wanna see…”
“Fuck off!” I shout.
“a movie?” he says with a disturbed look.

I don’t apologize. That’s a game I started.

My Assistant has been on a kick for a while with the whole cinnamon anything kick. It usually starts off this time of year with those cider donuts dusted with cinnamon. I picked some up at the market over the weekend but they didn’t make it home. Hey, it’s a long train ride home and if you’re familiar with New York’s train situation, then you feel my pain.  Also, those things really are delicious! I’ll try again next week.

I joke but I really am a sweet nice person so I told him, “If I make your damn cinnamon cheese braid will you shut the hell up already?!”
“Yeah…until I want it again.” he replied.

We came to an agreement.

I’m not a big bacon and eggs or gravy breakfast kinda person but throw a danish or some kind of sweet bread like thing at me with a cup of coffee and I’m in heaven. I might even make conversation. I am a big believer that any breakfast item that has cream cheese in it, is already a winner. At work I always dig through the breakfast pastries looking for the cheese danish. Love them little bastards.

When I or my Assistant need our quick fix of a breakfast pastry this Cinnamon Braid is just that. It’s super easy and damn is it good. You’re just three ingredients away from an amazing breakfast treat.

Go crazy….er.

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3 Ingredient Cinnamon Cream Cheese Braid

1 small container Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls ( 5 count tube)
4oz Cream Cheese
1tsp Flour

What to do:

Cream together your cream cheese and flour. Set aside.

Take your cinnamon rolls from the tube. Keeping the tube shape, place the cinnamon rolls on a floured surface. Roll the cinnamon rolls out to a 8 x 10 rectangle. Cut 10 – 2inch strips down the side. Spread your cream cheese mixture down the center of your dough. Now, start criss crossing the strips of dough over the cream cheese. Making sure to tuck the ends inside so no cream cheese bakes out.

3 ingredient cinnamon breakfast braid recipe pillsbury 3 ingredient cinnamon breakfast braid recipe pillsbury

Bake your Cinnamon Cream Cheese Braid in a 375 degree oven for 15-20 minutes. Until golden brown. Ice the top with the icing that comes with the cinnamon rolls. Tah-dah! You’re a hero.

Yes, I sprinkled a little toasted almonds on top, so if you want to be that person and you know they’re out there, you could say it’s a four ingredient cinnamon cream cheese bread and call me a liar.

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3 ingredient cinnamon breakfast braid recipe pillsbury 3 ingredient cinnamon breakfast braid recipe pillsbury cinnamon rolls 3 ingredient cinnamon breakfast braid recipe pillsbury cinnamon rolls