Win a Copper Frying Pan

Either this “As seen on TV” crap is getting better or I’m getting poorer.  At this point, it could go either way. 

Remember that nutty red headed lady that used to push all the food gadgets on TV? Sure you do!  We all bought her crap.  Growing up my Mom had a cupboard in the kitchen devoted to all the corny, dollar store, “As seen on TV” kitchen gadgets that I had collected.  After I moved out she turned it into her Betty Crocker/Pudding cupboard.  That’s another story.

I was back home in August for my yearly visit to remind myself why I left.  I wanted to cook up some eggs for breakfast.  My Mom reaches into her kitchen drawer of organized disorganization.  “Do you have one of these?” she says as she’s holding her copper frying pan clearly impressed with her purchase.  Of course I’ve seen them but never really gave them much thought.  I do love “As seen on TV” stuff and infomercials in general just like my Mom but I don’t see them much anymore since you have to have a six figure income to have cable.  I kinda lost interest in “As Seen on TV” stuff once I had to start using my own money.

Well, my mind was changed once I used the copper frying pan.  I highly suggest you check out this link.  It’s very informative and you will be sold once you watch it.  Bonus – it’s funny.

I’m not getting paid to say this and until I can afford cable you’ll know I’m being honest.  This pan is amazing!  I fried some eggs in the pan and when I went to slightly tip the pan to let the eggs get evenly dispersed.  Those eggs almost shot right out of the pan onto the stove top.  I couldn’t believe it.  That would have been a hell of a mess for my assistant to clean up.  When I finished frying the eggs and dumped them onto the plate.  I was blown away.  It looked like I hadn’t made anything in the pan.  Cleaning up the pan was “..so easy”.   Those are the exact words from my assistant.  I try to make his job easier so he doesn’t ask for more money.  I found it in this pan.

Don’t believe me?  Check this out.  We went up state Michigan to visit my Aunt Dar. She was cooking breakfast and the same thing.  She pulled out a pan from her cupboard and held it up.  “Have you seen these?  These are amazing!”  It was a copper frying pan.

Two and now me.  That’s three reputable reviews you can count on unlike Amazon.

I was sold.  As soon as I returned to New York I went out and purchased myself a copper frying pan.

Since I’ve purchased the copper frying pan myself my life has changed drastically. My assistant isn’t at the sink scrubbing a pan that I’ve burnt up while cooking because my ADD decided it was time to walk away and start another project.  I’m cooking with less oil which I hear makes food less satisfying and it’s true.  It is also supposed to be healthier but I can’t verify that until I live to be 100.

There you have it folks.  The copper frying pan is an amazing little ditty and I think you should run out and get one.  That is if you don’t win one here at Gus Baldwin.

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Here’s Cathy Mitchell. Can you believe she’s worth 5 million?! Who’s laughing now??


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