Cornmeal Grape Tart

cornmeal lemon grape tart recipe

I made a grape tart a long time ago just to see if the grapes would burst when baked.  They didn’t and the tart came out beautiful. I knew I had something good working for once. 

Originally I had made the grape tart with almond.  It was a no go.  It wasn’t bad but it was more dry, boring and had no personality.  It was just there in the room but nobody cared or paid attention to it.  It was like the Gwyneth Paltrow of tarts.

It wasn’t until I made the tart with cornmeal and threw in some lemon zest that it came to life.  The cornmeal gives the tart an almost creamy texture.  The grapes keep their shape and give a nice burst of fruitiness to the tart.  Grapes have always been a boring fruit to me but in the tart with the cornmeal and lemon, they come alive.

I think God just created grapes for the soul purpose of wine and hadn’t really thought people would just eat them just by themselves.  So grapes kinda rely on people to add value and flavor to perk up their pathetic existence.  Gwyneth Paltrow does the same thing.

Well this tart does just that and if there is a Grape Board.  You’re welcome.

“Risk is the only guarantee for being truly alive”

It turns out that cornmeal and grape have been a complimentary couple for quite some time.  Apparently this has been going on in Italy for a while.  I don’t know how much I believe this because one, I saw this on Martha’s blog and you know how I feel about her.  Don’t trust that woman as far as I can throw a baseball.  Two, though I’ve never been to Italy, I have been to Olive Garden a lot and have never seen a grape and cornmeal dessert.  So I think Italy and Martha have some explaining to do.

Here are a couple tips when making the Cornmeal Grape Tart.  I chose to use champagne grapes for my tart because they make me feel like somebody.  You can use the grape of your choice.  I will say though I think it would be wise to use a seedless grape.  When choosing cornmeal don’t use the white cornmeal.  That’s just not normal.  You can use polenta if you like, which is just the Italian version of cornmeal anyway.  That’s my opinion and it won’t ever change.

The Cornmeal Grape Tart is a perfect tart if you like simplicity like me.  It’s light and clean tasting.  Not an icky sweet dessert you’re accustomed too.  It’s good.  I don’t make things up. Clearly you can trust me.

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Cornmeal Grape Tart


Must Have Tart Dough Recipe

-Roll your tart dough out and line your 11 inch tart pan
-Blind bake and set aside

Cornmeal Filling

125g       Butter
125g       Sugar
60g         Cornmeal
60g         Flour
3             whole eggs
Zest from one lemon

-Cream sugar, butter and lemon zest until light and fluffy and pale in color, about five minutes
-Add eggs and combine.  Mix will look broken and gross. It’s OK, it will come together when you add the flour and cornmeal
-Add your cornmeal and flour.  Mix just until mix comes together and resembles cake batter.
-Spread cornmeal filling into baked tart shell.  Line your grapes on to of mixture completely covering tart.

Bake at 350 degrees for approximately one hour or until golden and springs back a bit like cake when touched.

cornmeal lemon grape tart recipe cornmeal lemon grape tart recipe cornmeal lemon grape tart recipe cornmeal lemon grape tart recipe  cornmeal lemon grape tart recipe

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