Black Sesame and Coffee Ice Cream

black sesame and coffee ice cream recipe

Black sesame in coffee?  Yes, it’s brilliant and delicious.  Black sesame is like adding jazz hands to your coffee. 

Two flavors I adore and I never thought to put them together.  Until I was in a coffee shop that had a black sesame latte.  It was sold out, of course.  I returned many times to only find it sold out.  I asked the guy behind the counter and he informed me that I had to be there before 10am.  I got there at 9am the next morning. Bam!  Sold out.

I gave up as I usually do but kinda proud of myself because I didn’t give up after the first time like I normally would.  This must be what motivation feels like.  I don’t see the hype.

I started my own black sesame and coffee combinations without the coffee shops help.  I’m not mad at the coffee shop and not like they would care.  I’m at the coffee shop often for their delicious coffee and my assistant always ask me to grab him a green tea cream puff.  These green tea cream puffs are filled to the max.  When you take a bite, have a bowl under your face because you will get green tea cream all over you.  That’s how a cream puff should be.  Most places skimp on the cream which just makes you look like a cheap bastard.  What else you skimping on? Makes you look bad.  If you’re ever in New York you may want to check them out.  Great place.  They are conveniently located in midtown near Times Square.  They’re called Bibble and Sip and they got a good thing going on.

My own work on black sesame and coffee yielded a couple cakes that turned out beautifully.  If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen them.  Through trial and error, I’ve noticed that black sesame is that one ingredient that you don’t notice until it’s not there.  You can’t put your finger on it but if I eliminate it from a recipe you would know something was missing.  I love ingredients like that.

The black sesame in the coffee is just a mellow nutty almost an additional roasted flavor to the already roasted flavor of the coffee.  If you’re a coffee nut job like myself, this ice cream is for you.

Two things to keep in mind when making the Black Sesame and Coffee Ice Cream. First, make sure you use pure black sesame paste.  Not a sauce or something that may have sugar or other flavorings or ingredients in it.  Second, when choosing a coffee you want something more of a medium roast.  Anything too heavy or dark can and will mask the flavor of the black sesame.  If you’re a coffee lover you’ll naturally want to use the coffee you dig but just be careful but I’m sure you’re aware of the strength of your coffee.  This may take a couple tries of the ice cream but again if you’re a coffee lover.  I’m sure you’ll be making this again and again anyway.

Maybe you know someone who isn’t a coffee lover but is a black sesame lover.  You can omit the coffee completely without adjusting anything else in the recipe and it will come out just fine.

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One does not win by making others lose  


Black Sesame and Coffee Ice Cream

60g           Black Sesame Paste
270g         Heavy Cream
130g         Half and Half
120g         Sugar
30g           Crushed Coffee Beans

-combine everything in a medium sized pot and bring to a simmer.
-take pot off the heat and let sit for 30 minutes or until cooled a bit
-strain and place in refrigerator overnight
-next day, spin in your ice cream maker according to manufactures directions

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black sesame and coffee ice cream recipe black sesame and coffee ice cream recipe black sesame and coffee ice cream recipe black sesame and coffee ice cream recipe