Strawberry Shortcake with Cream Cheese Biscuits and Cinnamon Basil Ice Cream

I don’t believe I’ve ever met someone who didn’t like strawberry shortcake.  Doesn’t matter.  We wouldn’t be friends today anyway. 

I have a friend that told me never to order strawberry shortcake at a restaurant because that’s how they get rid of their old strawberries.

I’ve worked in the hospitality industry my whole life.  I am well aware of what goes on in a kitchen to save money and use up old food.  As should she.  She owns her own place and is doing very well for herself.  I’m sure she’s utilizing her product and time to the fullest.  Otherwise, she would have closed years ago.  You don’t make money by throwing things away.  Especially in the restaurant and bakery business.

It’s actually smart and business savvy.  Throwing away food, any chef will tell you is like throwing money in the garbage.

My first job out of culinary school we used our old or unappealing strawberries for strawberry sauce.  You could also freeze the strawberries for future.  Can I recommend as a puree for mousse or to make a sorbet?

I hate throwing food away and love finding new ways to utilize something that someone may deem as garbage.  Maybe that’s why I can’t pass a garbage can without taking a peek inside like my dad.  That’s using your streusel.  As a friend would say.

Listen, there is lots more that goes on in kitchens you should be worried about than eating old strawberries.

You’re in luck right now because strawberries are good.  Strawberries are best in June and we just missed it but they are still good but coming to their end real soon. However the focus here is shortcake, particularly the Cream Cheese Biscuits.  I had my Cinnamon Basil Ice Cream, which I adore and is obvious, in the freezer and I promised to give to you some ideas as to what I’ve done with it that you too can do.

Basil paired with strawberry is a no brainer.  They are a great combo and a perfect marriage that should be on the menu every summer.  To make this as simple as possible and summery as possible I made a strawberry shortcake.  It’s summer and in New York this year we’ve had one nice day a week.  So I sure as hell ain’t going to be in the kitchen on that one day.  You can crank these biscuits out ahead of time and they stay soft as clouds for the next three days.  You can make these a couple days out so when you wake up on that nice day, you’re ready to roll to the park with your strawberry shortcakes.  Transporting the ice cream is the hard part.  You might want to just whip up some cream if you’re going to the park.  If you’re having a BBQ on the back porch or rooftop.  Cinnamon Basil Ice Cream all the way.

The cool thing about the Cream Cheese Biscuits is that there is still some cream cheese hunks throughout the biscuits.  It’s a nice little creamy cheesy goodness to bite into with the shortcake.  Just another thing to love about this dish.

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For the Strawberry Shortcake

I highly recommend that you use the Cinnamon Basil Ice Cream.  You can find the recipe here:  Cinnamon Basil Ice Cream.  If you so choose to use whip cream or some store bought ice cream that is fine too but please be aware that you will not have the same experience.  If you choose to use Cool Whip.  Then we need to talk.

As for the Strawberries:

As you can tell from the picture, I just diced up my strawberries for the strawberry shortcake.  If you are not lucky enough to be within reach of a farmers market to obtain good strawberries you might have to dice your strawberries with a teaspoon of sugar and give them a nice toss and refrigerate for about an hour.  That should do the trick.  You may have to adjust the sugar to your liking.

For the Cream Cheese Biscuits:

250g          Cream Cheese
5g               Baking Soda
5g               Baking Powder
250g          Flour
100g          Sugar
200g          Whole Milk
5g               Vanilla Extract
pinch of salt

-Put your mixing bowl on your scale that you got from Bed Bath and Beyond for around $20 and weigh everything right into the bowl.
-Using your hand mix everything together making sure you get a smooth dough.  There will be some small chunks of cream cheese and that’s OK.
-Using a kitchen spoon, drop healthy sized portions of biscuit dough onto a parchment lined baking sheet.  This should take two sheet pans.  Six biscuits on each.  They will spread a bit so give them some room.
-Bake at 375 degrees for 10-12 minutes.  Rotating once during baking.

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