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Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon Basil Ice Cream

Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon Basil Ice Cream recipe


Remember the Cinnamon Basil Ice Cream last week?  Me too.  You know why?  I wrote it down on here.

This is where the truth comes out.  I think the real reason I started a blog is that one day when someone says something about what I made or said and I don’t remember they can bring me here.  And I’ll just say “No shit!  I really did make that!”

I have the worst memory.  God help me and my Assistant when I’m old.  More him than myself, because I won’t care nor remember.

I went back and reread what I wrote as I usually do.  To torture myself and tell myself how I could have wrote the entry better.  I’m my own worst critic so save your negative emails.

When I noticed that I promised to show you what I’ve done with the Cinnamon Basil Ice Cream.  Unless I promised to help you move. I keep my promises.

Saturday afternoon I went to the Farmers Market in Union Square.  Which, if you’re into food, is a must if you ever visit New York City.  While I was there I picked up these peaches that were firm yet juicy and bursting with a ton of flavor. They were just the right firmness for grilling.  Grilled fruit is not used often enough in summer.  Things on the grill taste so much better than just throwing them in a pan.  One more beautiful thing about summer.  I’ll let you have your valid points about how much you hate summer when summer lasts equally as long as that godawful winter.  Until then, zip it!

I wish I could say I grabbed the blueberries from the Farmers Market but in actuality I grabbed them from some guy who sells them out of a truck by my apartment.  I’m a sucker for customer service and deals.  I’m sure not to be alone on this one.  Fruit can be expensive at times depending on climate and time of year.  This is guy is super nice, always says “Hello” when you walk by and he’s quick to make a deal.  Bonus, his produce is on point.  I don’t know where it comes from. He doesn’t volunteer that information and I don’t ask.  It’s cheap, good and he’s a nice guy.  And when your rent for a tiny one bedroom in Queens would afford you a 3,000 sq ft home back in Ohio.  Cheap fruit and food in general is a plus.

That was a long story just to tell you I made a Blueberry Smoothie with the Cinnamon Basil Ice Cream.  Not necessary but the smoothie was really good.  I said it before and I’m gonna say it again.  Again, the memory thing.  Basil has a great clean flavor.  For summer and just making dishes PoP.  I love it.  The Cinnamon Basil Ice Cream gave the Blueberry Smoothie a refreshing almost minty flavor.  To the untrained palette, one would think it’s actually mint.  It’s not, it’s basil and blows the normal smoothie out of the water.  Try it in your next smoothie.

OK, so I gave you some ideas.  Now, share your ideas with me and leave some ideas. Maybe I’ll give it a try and throw it up here.  We’ll collaborate.  Maybe I’ll fly you to New York and we’ll do a thing together and record it as a post here.  That way when I’m old I can look back and have an idea what the hell I did with my life.  I might need new friends to take care of me.

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“Strangers are just friends waiting to happen”


Unless they’re in a van with no windows or offering you candy.  I wonder who said this?  We probably don’t know because they’ve gone missing.

Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon Basil Ice Cream

2 good firm but juicy peaches
1/2c neutral flavored granola

-cut the peaches in half and rub with a little bit of neutral flavored oil so they don’t stick to the grill
-grill flat side down on a hot grill for about five minutes.  Just to get the grilled marks.  Too long and they will be mushy and gross.

Serve on a bed of the granola and a scoop of your Cinnamon Basil Ice Cream

Blueberry Basil Smoothie

1c   fresh blueberries
1/4c  water
2 scoops Cinnamon Basil Ice Cream

-blend until smooth

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Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon Basil Ice Cream recipe