Win a Mandoline in this months giveaway

Tell em about it Rod…

Weeellll… the Oneida Mandoline is made from stainless steal, comes with three different blades and slices all your vegetable with ease.  Thanks to frivolous lawsuits and absent minded cooks Oneida has made sure to put in all the safety features to cover their asses.  It’s also dishwasher safe so you’ll have extra time to spend on social media watching other people cook and live their lives.  Make your next meal for yourself with the Oneida Mandoline and make yourself look like the exciting and interesting person that you pretend to be on Instagram.

Thank you Rod.  We’ll start the bidding with you Celine…

Ever wonder how restaurants get their red onions or radishes paper thin for their salads?  What about julienned carrots?  Who sits around a slices carrots like match sticks?  No one.  They use a mandoline.  It’s efficient, consistent and fast.  The faster you can knock out production the faster and longer you can be on your smoke break.

The beauty of mandolines is that now they are affordable.  I remember when I first started out as a cook, mandolines were ridiculously expensive.  When I saw what they wanted for a mandoline it was more than what I was paying for rent in Nashville.  Thankfully, not anymore.  Mandolines are affordable and come in many different ways.  Like a box grater kinda way and different attachments.

Mandolines are exceptional tools for the kitchen and I highly recommend you get one.  Especially if you are a veggie person and doing a lot of slicing.  You could also sign up here at Gusbaldwin.com for your chance to win one this month.

Your choice.  Signing up is free and there are giveaways throughout the year.

Just sayin’

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.” – Eckhart Tolle


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