Plantain Panini with Chocolate Coconut Spread

Plantain Panini with Chocolate Coconut Spread recipe

I may be the only person I know that thinks Nutella is highly overrated.  It’s alright. I don’t go all crazy and squeal like a little girl when somethings made with Nutella. Bacon dunked in Nutella and people think it’s the best invention ever.  Well, move over Elon Musk some dipshit dunked his bacon in Nutella and we gave him a TV show.

Do I sound bitter?  Good, that’s what I was going for.

I’m not against Nutella.  I’ve had it and I’m sure I’ll have it again somewhere down the line.  In the meantime, I think there are better alternatives out there and alternatives that you can make yourself with less sugar and oils.

Well hey, here’s one.  Chocolate Coconut spread on a Plantain sandwich.  I’ll be damned!

Get acquainted with Taza Chocolate.  They are gritty, stone ground, earthy and flavorful Mexican chocolate bars.  Some might find the grittiness of the bar a little too much for consuming.  I get that completely, so in recipes it is a much more pleasant result and consistency.

I like paninis, sandwiches and such.  Which by the way, will be the name of my deli if and when I open it here in New York.  I think the idea of sweet paninis and sandwiches is very underserved territory, so I’m trying to push more for it.  If you want to send me money to go towards the cause I highly encourage you to do so. I’ll even accept stolen checks and credit cards. (Kidding, I have to say I’m kidding because people take everything serious and I’m not going to jail because Glenn in Idaho is a dick.)

Now let’s talk about fried plantains.  If you are not familiar with fried plantains as well.  Where the hell have you been?  Fried plantains are a staple in Spanish culture for good reason.  Their delicious!  Plantains are to Spanish cooking what Campbells mushroom soup is to someone who lives in the midwest. They put that shit in everything.

I’m not sure if I’ve sold you on the Plantain and Chocolate Coconut Sandwich because I kind of think it speaks for itself.  Chocolate, coconut, plantains grilled on some sourdough.  I wouldn’t think I’d really have to twist your arm.

Let’s get this started because it’s a process and today is July 4th and I love fireworks!!

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July and I’ll see you next Tuesday!!

“Listen to me..Listen..Listen..Listen to me. You only have one life. Live it good.” – Gregario (Macho) 


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Plantain Panini with Chocolate Coconut Spread


Chocolate Coconut Spread

140g            Taza Chocolate Coconut Almond Bar   (2 bars)
70g               Butter
12g               Dark Rum

-place everything in a food processor and puree until nice a smooth.  Set aside.

**Bonus – If you have on hand the Spiced Rum Butter you can use it in the spread and for frying the plantain.  Wow!!

Fried Plantain

1 large super ripe to the point it’s black plantain.
20g butter (about 1Tbsp, just enough for the plantain to get some color)

-Peel the plantain and slice in half down the middle lengthwise.  Fry the plantain in the butter over medium heat just until a nice brown color develops on the plantain.  About 3-4 minutes on each side.  Set aside.

Put it together

Spread your chocolate coconut spread on one side of the sourdough.  Lay your fried plantain on the chocolate mix.  Butter each sides of the bread and lay in a panini press or pan.  If you don’t have a panini press you can do it like a grilled cheese sandwich in a regular pan.  Cook until a nice golden color develops on the bread.  About 3 minutes on each side.


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Plantain Panini with Chocolate Coconut Spread recipe Plantain Panini with Chocolate Coconut Spread Plantain Panini with Chocolate Coconut Spread Plantain Panini with Chocolate Coconut Spread recipe


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