Win a KitchenAid Hand Blender in this months Giveaway

That’s right!  A brand new KitchenAid Hand Blender for you. My fellow readers and Gus Fanatics!!

I worked a couple extra shifts this month and I was debating what to do with the extra money.  Normally, I would spend it on myself and buy some really senseless frivolous garbage that I don’t need.  I discussed it with my Assistant Gilberto and he told me to put some money in the bank.  He always knows how to make me laugh.

That’s when I decided that I would share the love with you my readers and for some of you, fanatics.  In fact, I am so happy to have you as my readers and followers that I’m even going to throw in a bottle of Dawn dishwashing soap like the one you see in the background.  That’s right!  A bottle of Dawn dish soap for when you use your hand blender and it gets filthy dirty from all the wonderful recipes that you found here at Gus Baldwin Studios.

You know what?  I am even going to let you pick the color of your hand blender. Because that’s the kinda guy I am.

I am going to take this one step further.  Have a specific Dawn dish soap scent that you prefer?  I will even let you pick that out too.

You know why?  Because here at Gus Baldwin Studios… we care about you. Ourselves, not so much.  The studios a mess.  We’re two years behind on our taxes. My Assistant hasn’t got paid in months and our health?   Hopefully for you, we live long enough to draw a name for the hand blender.

Besides having a couple extra nickels this month.  The reason I chose the KitchenAid Hand Blender is because it is the most used gadget at the Gus Baldwin Studio.  Before starting any of our recipes we use the hand blender to make our smoothies.  The hand blender is a must if you live in New York.  New York apartments are the size of a shoe box.  If you’re on a budget the size of mine, it’s a child sized shoe box.  The hand blender is kick ass because you can blend a soup right in the pot.  I use mine a lot for creating my own salad dressings.  I blend them right in the glass jar, slap on a lid and throw it in the fridge.  I used the hand blender to make my Butteryccino.  You will also need the hand blender to make the Butteryccino.  Otherwise you have to lug out your full size blender.  That’s never fun.  Plus, full sized blenders are a pain in the ass to clean.  At least that’s what my Assistant Gilberto tells me.  Got a kid going off to college?  Give them a hand blender to make their Margaritas.  Dorms are tiny spaces.  They’re like New York apartments.  Only cheaper.

I hope this gives all of you some idea how much I appreciate each and every one of you!  Some more than others but according to my lawyer, I’m not allowed to pick favorites.  So I have to  keep Rebekah’s name to myself.

If you want to be in the drawing for your chance to win the KitchenAid Hand Blender.  You will need to sign up for my Newsletter.  So what are you waiting for? Winner will be drawn at the end of June 2017.

“If you saw life as it is,  instead of how you think it should be.  Maybe you wouldn’t be such an asshole.”


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