Rum Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream

cinnamon bun and rum ice cream recipe

Here is the new, soon to be stolen by big companies, ice cream idea from Gus Baldwin. 

My dear friend Daniel, whom I refer to as Pepper, (You can find out why here) is my guinea pig for new recipes.  I refer to Pepper as my guinea pig not only because he is my taste tester for everything.  But he has also bitten me.

We always have a bunch of sticky buns leftover at work from brunch that I can’t throw away.  You all know I can’t throw food away.  Throwing food away is just a travesty to me.  Why don’t they do a TV show where the chefs are given the food from a food bank to feed the homeless.  Have you been to a homeless shelter? That’s a real challenge. The food those guys have to work with to make an edible meal is not easy.  My hat goes off to those people.  Put a chef in there and have him work his magic and see what they can do.  Plus they would be helping and feeding at the same time.  It’s a win win.  Networks don’t win win, they want ching ching $.

That was my rant.  Still think it’s a good idea and a show I may actually watch.

The point I was getting at is that we have a ton of cinnamon buns at work leftover from Brunch.  The employees are tired of eating them and I’m sad to throw them away.  After numerous failed attempts of cinnamon bun recipe ideas.  I came up with the Rum Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream.  Not sure what clicked in my brain to try this and I don’t try to figure out my brain because it’s impossible.  Thankfully it did click though and the Rum Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream saw the light of day and has been going strong ever since.

This is where Pepper comes in.  One day at work after I had finished my tasks of Instagram and Twitter.  I cranked out a batch of Rum Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream and presented it to Pepper.  Usually when a new recipe is tried out people give their feedback, usually negative, in order for you to tweak the recipe and get it to where you want it.  The first running of the Rum Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream that Pepper sampled, he looked up from the bowl and said with eyes wide open, “Oh, you have a winner here.”

Now normally I don’t like to talk about myself and my accomplishments but since no one else will, I kinda have too.  Hence the blog.  I myself am not a big ice cream person but this hits the spot for me.  Ice cream is not my usual go to sweet but booze always is a go to for me.  Second, any recipe that utilizes something that was going to end up in the trash makes me happy.  Third, it’s just damn good.  It has a rich milky flavor with the thicker cinnamon bun swirled throughout.  I like textures and surprises in my food.  By surprises I mean components and flavors I’m not expecting.  I don’t like to be surprised by a hair or anything like that.

A couple of things about this recipe before you get started because I’m sure you’re in a rush to get to it.  First, I used Myers Rum.  I used Captain Morgans Spiced Rum as well at different times in the recipe.  I prefer the Myers Rum as I feel it is a bit stronger and forward flavor that doesn’t get lost in the ice cream.  Captain Morgan is good but not for me here.  Of course, if you’re a rum drinker you’ll add your rum preference.  Second, I used Entenmann’s Cinnamon Swirl Buns.  I used many other cinnamon buns for this recipe but I prefer the Entenmann’s and I’ll tell you why.  Entenmann’s cinnamon buns are much lighter and fluffier.  I don’t like the real dense heavy cinnamon buns.  The heavier cinnamon buns I had to use much more rum to get them the smooth consistency in order to fold them into the ice cream.  Resulting in rum over kill.  Entenmann’s has the perfect flavor profile with the balance of softness.  They pureed much easier than any others that I tried and I tried a lot.

Well you should be off and running by now.  I hope you give this recipe a whirl and you will please let me know how it goes for you.

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Until next Tuesday…. Have a great one everybody.


“Don’t be in such a rush to figure everything out.  Embrace the unknown and let life surprise you.”


Easiest.  Ice Cream.  Ever.

1 can     Condensed Milk
1 can     Cold water

-Pour the condensed milk into a bowl.  Fill the can up with cold water and add to the condensed milk.  Stir to combine.  Preferably, let sit in the fridge overnight.

Rum Cinnamon Bun Mixture 

150g        Cinnamon Buns
50g          Dark Rum

-in a food processor, puree until smooth

The next day spin your Ice Cream until it resembles a soft serve ice cream and fold in your pureed cinnamon buns.  Place into a container and freeze.

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cinnamon bun and rum ice cream recipe cinnamon bun and rum ice cream recipe cinnamon bun and rum ice cream recipe cinnamon bun and rum ice cream recipe


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