Why you won’t win at Life and why you shouldn’t care.

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You can’t win in life, so just have fun. 

Just go about doing what you do and have some fun. You won’t and can’t win at life and here’s why.

When you are struggling and working your ass off.  You will find a ton of people supporting you and cheering you on.  You will have cheerleaders in every corner.  Then when you “make it”.  You will have haters in every shadow.  Bad mouthing you and just waiting for you to fail.  You will quickly find out who your real friends are.  Which won’t be many.

Be proud of who you are.  Love yourself for who you are.  Stand tall and don’t hide who you really are.  But we will make fun of you if you’re fat.

Be bold.  Be brazen.  Express yourself.  But we will laugh at what you are wearing.

Speak your mind.  Don’t let people walk all over you.  Stand up for yourself.  And when you do we will remind you how rude and what an asshole you are being.

Do what makes you happy.  Think of yourself and for yourself.  Stop for no one or no thing.  Before you hear it from everyone else.  This is selfish.  Just thought I’d let you know.

Love has no boundaries.  No colors.  No sex.  No religion.  Only success.  So as long as they’re rich.  You’re good.

Believe what you want.  All religions want the same thing.  Peace.  So believe as you wish and go happy through life.  If you’re not the religion I’m talking about.  We are going to have a problem.

Work hard.  Prove yourself.  Be an asset.  Make yourself irreplaceable.  And the one who’s the boss’ little minion will get everything.  The dirty asshole gets the toilet paper.  Nice guys finish last.

America the free.  You have a right to your opinion.  Freedom of speech.  Unless you say something we don’t like.  Say something we don’t like and you’ll lose your job and be ostracized.  Then we’ll go to a comedy show later that night to see a comedian say the same things and we’ll laugh our asses off.

You’re getting healthy.  Working out.  Losing weight and being the best you.  Good for you!  Then we’ll tell you that you are too skinny and mock you for not eating french fries.

So you see.  You won’t win.  You can’t.  They don’t want you to win.  You won’t say what everyone wants to hear.  You won’t look like the magazines says you should.  Even if you did, next months issue will say you should look a different way.

You can’t win.  So be your damn self and enjoy life.

The unfortunate truth is the world is full of more bullies than friends helping and encouraging each other.  You’ll have to be everything unto yourself and you’ll have to be strong doing it.

Now take a deep breath and on the exhale say “Fuck it!”  You are ready to face this life.


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“Everybody wants to be someone else.  Everybody wants to change their name and face.” – B-Any-1-U-Wanna-B by Per Gessle

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B-any-1-u-wanna-B by Per Gessle

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