There is no one in this world like Mom

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The person I look up to most and the only person who’s negative opinion of me that would ever destroy me, is my Mothers. 

This is a woman who sacrificed a lot so I could have a lot.  A woman who gave up on her own dreams so I could see mine through.  And if I fail to live out or even pursue my dreams not only did I let myself down more importantly I let her down. And this woman has and continues work a whole hell of a lot harder than I do.

A woman who myself and my brothers put through hell and still loves us.  A strength that is unmatched by any man in this world.  A love unlike any other love you will know in your lifetime.  A bond no man will ever know.  A woman who myself and my brothers ruined her home.  Broke expensive items that she worked so hard to be able to buy.  Cleaned up after the dogs that we insisted on having. Stayed up late into the night to care for us when we were sick. Dealt with the police when we did stupid shit.  Wiped our ass’ and cleaned up after us even long after she should have.  A woman who cared and nurtured no only us but we had a house full of neighbor kids and cousins.  We didn’t grow up wealthy but every one was taken care of, fed and loved.  Every time she grabbed the car keys we thought we’d done it this time and she was taking off for good.  She still had the love and decency to turn around and say “Let’s go!”

In this day and age leadership roles are predominantly men.  Yet, the emotional strength and strong will we get, we get from our Mothers.  Our Mothers were the ones that made us believe we could be leaders.  They were the ones who gave us our strength of hearts and clarity.  The woman that said “Goddamn, if Rod Stewart can be a singer you can be anything you want too!”  Mom instilled in us our confidence and free will to do and be as we wish.   A woman who never made you feel like you couldn’t be what you wanted.  Even if she knew damn well you couldn’t.  And when you push you succeed and if you fail you got up and kept trying.  You don’t stay down and let the world get to you.  What you don’t realize when you fail is that Mom feels like a bigger failure than you.  So get your ass up and show Mom that she raised a leader.

I always had dreamed of making it big one day so I could buy my Mom the castle that she so deserves.  If that dream were to come true and of course it probably won’t but if it did…IF IT DID!  There would be a “Welcome” mat at the front door for all at that castle.  When you opened the door to that castle there would be dogs running around, it would have torn up carpet, family hanging out, dirty walls from the kids touching everything and toys all over the floor.  THAT is the type of person who deserves a castle.  THAT is the type of person I love and respect.  THAT is my Mom.

When I see the direction of the world it frightens me to see my Mom as a dying breed.  We were raised as a family.  Dinners were together.  Our cousins were our best friends.  Mom was our doctor and dentist.  Mom was God and punisher.  Mom was a comedian that taught me life is fun and to laugh at everything. The values and strengths that I have could come from no one other than Mom.  There is not enough time and words to express what this woman means to me.

I am forever grateful and lucky.  So damn lucky!!!

Happy Mothers Day Mom.

I love you more than chicken wings!!

“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.” – Abraham Lincoln


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