The real reason we fear failure

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Failure is much more than just falling on your face and starting over.  Getting up and starting over is actually the pretty easy part.  Failure goes much deeper and personal.

I have always had the idea of opening my own place.  A cool pastry shop with positive vibes that gives back to the community and encourages the employees to do bigger and better things for themselves.

I also want to leave it all behind and travel the world.  Eventually settling in a small town on the coast of Mexico.  Slinging beers, selling paletas and living in my little one bedroom villa on the beach.  No worries, no stress and not many people.

I don’t fear failure.  Death is the end.  Anything other than that is part of the journey.  The truth about failure, just like everything else that gets ruined, is the people.

People fail.  It’s a natural thing.  I’ve failed many many times.  It happens to all of us.  What is the big deal?

The reason we fear failure is now we have to tell everyone we failed.   We have people bombarding us with questions like they are reporters.  People want to know why we failed.  People want to know what we did wrong.  People want to know how much money we lost.  Our ego is under attack.  We need to defend our dream.  Our dream and vision are worth our time and money.  We must prove our confidence and strength that we can move on and pursue our plan.

When we fail it feels like everyone is looking at us with the “I told you so” eyes.

When I try a new recipe and it’s a complete failure.  I get ridiculed, mocked and laughed at more than usual.  It really is a blow to the ego.  We tend to feel less then zero when we fail and people are never really a help.  They fuel the failure fire by reminding you that you failed.  Before you let people make you fear failure.  Who are the ones ridiculing us and mocking our failure?   Those that do nothing.  Those that do nothing and don’t even try. These people play it safe because they know that failure isn’t about failing.  These people have huge egos and fear being laughed at and ridiculed.  They do nothing, are nothing and become nothing.  They stay in their safe zone and make fun of those that try.

Give your attention to those that have tried and succeeded.  They are the ones that won’t laugh at your trial and errors.  They are the ones that will give you positive feedback, encourage you and help you up.  The negative safe players will hold you down and try and keep you there.

So press on and do what you got to do.  Through failure comes growth.  Playing it safe is a losers game.

I’ll take failure and ridicule any day.

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“Drop fear of life, because you can be afraid or you can live; it is up to you.
And what is there to be afraid of?
You can’t lose anything!
You have everything to gain!
Drop all fears and jump totally into life.
Then, one day, death will come as a welcome guest, not your enemy,
and you will enjoy death more than you have enjoyed life, because death has it’s own beauties
And death is very rare because death only happens once – life is everyday!
You have fear – don’t ask why”

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