The Butteryccino

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A rich smooth, creamy, buttery cup of coffee.  I give to you the Butteryccino.

I came across a Tweet from a guy that was encouraging people to put butter in their coffee.  I thought the guy was a out of his mind so naturally I now follow him.  I have a soft spot for nutty people.

The guys name is Dave Asprey and he is the inventor of Bulletproof Coffee.  Go to his website and find out exactly how to make his version of butter coffee. Stay here if you want a tasty alternative.  I do it a bit differently and tastier.

His reasonings and findings for butter in your coffee are actually very interesting.  A little outlandish but I don’t judge.  I think most things people do is bullshit anyway and I don’t want to encourage my shingles to come back.  I’ll leave that for the losers I work with.  That’s where they started anyway. Oh God, I feel a rant coming on.

I’ll break it down for you this way.  Dave goes deep into detail that you should use butter from grass-fed cows only.  Then there is a particular oil that goes by the name XTC oil that sounds like Elon Musk invented the stuff.  Which is actually just distilled from coconut oil.  One important thing that Dave mentions is that you must blend the coffee.  DO NOT use a spoon.  If you do, you will get pools of butter on top of your coffee like an oil spill.  And unless you’re a large oil company, ain’t no government going to come to your rescue, cover it up and act like it didn’t happen.  I use my KitchenAid hand blender and the coffee comes out smooth, frothy and downright delicious.

Dave’s whole theory behind his coffee is that it will boost energy, help loose weight and mental clarity and all that good stuff.  At least that’s what I read into it. I don’t know about these claims.  I don’t really trust anyone or any product that “promises” something.  I personally just thought butter in your coffee sounded delicious.  And it is.

I will defend Dave on the issue of the coffee not being in your best interest health wise.  We could go on for days and days as to what’s healthy and what isn’t. New reports come out every six months as to what is healthy and what isn’t. Reports defend a plant based diet and another report says the complete opposite. One year coffee is good for you and the next year it’s killing us by the millions.

The butter in your coffee is a treat.  It’s as simple as that.  I enjoy it every so often like a lazy Sunday or a rainy Tuesday.  I don’t consume butter in my coffee with every cup and certainly not every day.  Wouldn’t want too.  But if your life doesn’t have a balance and you don’t have a vice.  You will be as miserable as the people I work with.

Before you completely shut me down, just try it.  You put cream in your coffee? Where do you think butter comes from?  Butter Coffee is a heavenly treat. It’s rich and creamy and has a froth like a Butteryccino.  I’m owning that!  Hands off Starbucks!!!!

I recommend my Spiced Rum Butter to make your Butteryccino.  If you don’t have the enthusiasm or drive to make the Spiced Rum Butter.  (I don’t know why you wouldn’t because you can use it for a lot of things).  You can use butter and flavor to your liking.

“Life is like a river – shallow and cold” – Gus Baldwin


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The Butteryccino


1 cup of coffee  – A good dark roast preferably or whatever the hell you like
1-2Tbsp  Spiced Rum Butter

-Combine the two using a blender or hand blender until light in color and frothy
-Enjoy your Butteryccino and ignore people.

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