Are we encouraging irresponsibility?

Have you seen the ads for PrEP?  I’m sure PrEP is a good thing or at least is meant to be.  It serves its purpose, of course.  I like to think all people and things do. Although, I’m still trying to figure out Kathie Lee Gifford’s purpose.  I’m sure there is one but 30 years later and I still can’t seem to find one.

PrEP is a step in the right direction for the prevention of HIV and in the process saving lives.  My fear and concern is, what exactly is it promoting?

We are all aware of the consequences of unprotected sex.  Disease, pregnancy, excitement and wild fun nights.  Then when the fire ignites down there and reality sets in.  Uh oh!  Then what?  Not such a fun story anymore is it?

If I had a dime for every time someone mentioned an STD like it was just a common cold that everyone gets.  I’d be a millionaire.  Is this really the new norm?

We eat better for our health.  Cigarettes are the devil and we want them banned. We want chemicals out of our skin creams and food.  Unprotected sex behind the laundromat with a total stranger?  Sure, why not?  Again, fun and exciting.  Diseases and taking pills the rest of your life?  Not so much.

Is the PrEP pill encouraging irresponsibility?  This is my concern.  The ads for PrEP create the illusion that if you have unprotected sex that the pill has you “covered”. From HIV?  Yes, ok.  There are numerous other diseases that are transmitted through unprotected sex.

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I’m all for sex.  Trust me.  When something has consequences there comes a sense of responsibility along with it.  Or at least there should.  But we don’t address that part.  I’ve had an AIDS scare myself.  It’s a devastating and one scary feeling.

Why is talking about STD’s and sex such a bad thing?  But popping yet another pill is perfectly normal in our society.

PrEP can cost up to $1300 a month.  Who is footing this bill?  In a society with an already over priced underserved health care problem.  PrEP has side affects just like all prescription drugs.  If you develop something later on down the road.  What is your action plan? Do the makers of PrEP themselves have an action plan for future side affects from their drug?

Hey, we don’t know where AIDS came from ((wink wink)) and we can’t come up with a cure ((wink wink)).  What we did come up with is a pill that you take everyday for the rest of your life.  That way you can continue to be irresponsible and we’ll continue our cash flow and build our mansions.

Then once AIDS is under control and a new STD takes over.  We’ll address that STD and come up with a new pill that will help pour money into our already out of control health care problem.

You have nothing to worry about.  The government is looking out for you.  Now you go have some fun!!

I believe AIDS and STD’s are something to be taken seriously.  Your health, physically and mentally should be taken seriously.  I want for me and all of you to take care of ourselves.  I want us all to be healthy.

“You can’t change what’s going on around you until you start changing what’s going on in you.”


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