You sell an image, not a product

mixed media artwork artist art selling an image not a product

When I started off on my blogging journey, I wasn’t sure where to begin.  I read book after book about marketing, business, PR, networking and on and on.  I talked to friends and people who had started a business.  I was on the internet all damn night reading other peoples blogs, commenting on anything I read, I was reading beauty blogs and tech blogs.  I felt desperate and pathetic.  I felt like a teenager trying to fit in and be liked.

I am a big reader and I read a lot of self help.  I’m a figure outer and  little lost in life.  I like to wonder what makes people and myself tick.  I was reading a Wayne Dyer book when I had an epiphany.  I think everyone that reads a Wayne Dyer book has an epiphany.

All this time that I was reading other peoples blogs, constantly checking what others were doing.  Following this trend and that trend.  My mind was going nuts. That’s when the Wayne Dyer book dawned on me.

I was so busy watching what others were doing that I stopped focusing on myself.  I was too concerned with trends and what others were doing that I no longer made time for myself.  I didn’t even think for myself anymore.  I had to turn to Instagram and Twitter to find out what I should be thinking or following.  It was depressing me and I hadn’t realized it.

I was talking to a friend about business and writing.  It had been driving me bonkers to try to be like the others.  To get followers, to get likes, to get reTweets and all that stuff that I though mattered.  These things don’t matter because when it comes down to it.  You are selling yourself.

If you follow the crowd you lose your identity.  Assuming you had one to begin with.  You lose your credibility, your voice, your YOU.  While I was pissing and moaning about this my friend made the comment, “Don’t lose your voice.”  That comment along with the Wayne Dyer book really made a big difference in my writing and my life.

When a celebrity or a sports star pulls a douchebag move the first thing that happens is they lose their sponsors.  Why?  Nike is a good brand and a good quality shoe.  Just because some douchebag of an athlete does something stupid Nike drops them.  The quality of Nike doesn’t drop.  This athlete doesn’t sit on the board of Nike.  He or she doesn’t make major decisions.  What happened?  What happened was you thought you needed that shoe because that athlete told you that you needed that shoe.  The quality and the company meant nothing to you.  You were sold a perception of what you would be if you wore Nikes.

I started writing for myself.  Being real with myself and honest to the people reading.  My happiness increased dramatically.  I was being me and writing what I liked and what mattered.  Whether you like it or not, you could feel it was real and sincere.  You were drawn to it.

When I look back at a recipe or article that I wrote and I was proud of, that’s all that mattered.  Those articles and recipes I was proud of, actually did the best as well.

Genuineness is felt in everything we do.  Be you and do what you do best and people will find you.

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“If only I had known my differentness would be an asset, then my earlier life would have been much easier.” – Bette Midler


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