Win a kitchen scale in this months giveaway!!!

For this months giveaway, I am giving away a kitchen scale to one lucky son of a bitch!!

Correction: My brothers are not signed up, so they can’t win. Ba Dum Ding! I thoroughly enjoy my humor sometimes.

All jokes and truths aside.  My brothers really aren’t signed up.  I have talked to my therapist and I’m going to be OK.  But you, yes you, if you are on my mailing list you are in the running to win a kitchen scale.  You do have to be signed up before the end of April.

I decided to give away a kitchen scale because all my recipes require a scale.   To that I’m going to say that a scale will simplify your kitchen.  On top of that I’m going to say – “Come on!!!”

You have a smart phone so you can control the temperature at the house from anywhere in the world so your cat is always comfortable.  Then you have a car that drives itself so you can shave in the rear view mirror.  You are thinking about buying that toilet for $3000 that cleans your ass.  Which I kinda actually want myself.  A fit bit that tracks your health and every move you make and you’re still fat.  But when you bake you like to bake like it’s 1982 with measuring cups and tablespoons.  Because scales are confusing.

Come on!!!

A scale makes baking so much easier and far less clean up.  We have all this modern technology to help us be lazier yet a scale frightens the hell out of us?  I don’t get it.

I had a dream that I was having lunch with Martha Stewart, who stiffed me on the check but that goes without saying.  I was talking to her about the scale problem we have here in the States.  She made the comment that if she told everyone to use a scale then everyone would buy a scale. But get this, she gets kickbacks from companies that make measuring cups. That’s why she does all her recipes in cups and tablespoons.  I’m not surprised and I should have known!

I personally am not taking kickbacks from anyone. No one! I vow to you my faithful readers. I will not push anything I do not believe in.  Unless I am approached by such a company that wants to shove money in my face to push their products. Then never! Unless it’s Coke.  I’m a Pepsi guy and nothings going to change that.

If you have a sense of humor, like awesome recipes and giveaways – go ahead and sign up for my Newsletter for your chance to win!!

“Every time you’re able to find humor in a difficult moment. You win!!”


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