Victoria Butter Cookies

victoria butter cookies recipe sugar cookie delicious

Let me introduce you to Victoria Butter Cookies.

I was introduced to Victoria Butter Cookies years back by Chef Straw while attending Sullivan University in Louisville, Kentucky.  They quickly became my favorite cookie and he became my favorite teacher. Feisty little guy with a mustache like Yosemity Sam.  It was even red!  Cool guy, great sense of humor and of course a super talented Pastry Chef.  I learned a lot from that guy.  Wonder how he’s doing?

I fell in love with these cookies because of their sheer simplicity and delicate nature.  Simple ingredients, simple procedure and amazing results.

The Victoria Butter Cookie is dry on the outside with a  buttery center.  When you bite into a Victoria Butter Cookie it snaps and crumbles and falls apart in your mouth just like your average butter cookie.  It gets better.  The interior is a soft buttery cake like center that just melts away.  Leaving your tastebuds mesmerized by sweet buttery, vanilla, and lemon goodness.

I took this recipe one step further with the addition of the lemon zest.  The lemon is not predominant.  You wouldn’t think of this as a lemon cookie. There is just the right amount of lemon that you say “Do I taste lemon?”  Yes.  Yes you do.  That’s how lemon flavoring should be done.

The perfect amount of sweetness.  Butter.  Vanilla.  Lemon.  Piped out in the beautiful shape of a shell.  No wonder it has such a classy name.

I have been told or assaulted as I like to consider it, that my recipes are difficult. This was a bit shocking to me and I didn’t take it personally as I always welcome and appreciate someones critique.  I am telling you this to be passive aggressive towards the person that told me this but also to let you know that if you fall into the “difficult” category.  Turn back now.  I am letting you know now, that this recipe will require you to use a piping bag to pipe out the cookies.

Will it be worth it?  100%

Piping is an art.  I really believe this.  I know people who have worked as pastry cooks that had formal training, years experience and to watch them use a piping bag is brutal.  Not to scare you.  Don’t be intimidated!  I won’t judge you like Martha you know who.

Here is my crash course in piping shells.  Fill your bag only half way to the top.  A full piping bag is harder to handle and piping will be more difficult.  Hold your piping bag straight up 1 inch from the baking tray.  Squeeze out your filling and let it fall to the baking sheet.  Let the dough get about an inch high and then bring it down on an angle, pinching off a tail, resembling a shell.  Almost like your making a question mark on its side.  Don’t worry because it will fall and spread a bit as it bakes.

Here is always another thing you can do.  Say “Fuck it!” and pipe out sticks.  They won’t be considered Victoria Butter Cookies anymore.  These are actually called Carol’s Butter Cookies.  Victoria’s older fat sister who got divorced because of her bad attitude and works as an apartment leasing manager.  Not as classy but are in the same family.  Every family has one.

“I want to be around people that do things.  I don’t want to be around people anymore that judge or talk about what people do.  I want to be around people who dream, and support, and do things.” – Amy Poehler


I really hope you fall as much in love with the Victoria or Carol Butter Cookie as I have.  Would love to hear your thoughts and I won’t be passive aggressive towards you in my next post.  I promise.  Wait.  I can’t promise that.

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Victoria Butter Cookies

300g            Butter, unsalted
125g            Sugar
85g              Whole Milk – room temperature
340g            Flour
3g                Vanilla Extract
1/2              Lemon zest
pinch of salt

-cream butter, sugar, lemon and vanilla until light, fluffy and pale in color, about 10 minutes.
-add milk and mix on low until combined and smooth
-add flour and salt and mix until combined and mix is smooth
-place mixture in piping  bag with Ateco star tip 849
-pipe mixture into shells shapes on a parchment lined baking sheet (read my piping hints above)
-you should get roughly 30 cookies

Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.  Rotating half way through baking.  The bottom of the cookie should have a slight brown on bottom and a little at the edges but you don’t want the cookie itself to become brown.

If you are unable to locate or don’t wish to purchase the Ateco tip you can use a smaller Wilton tip or similar tip.  Remember a smaller shell and cookie are going to have a different cooking time and yield.

victoria butter cookies recipe sugar cookie delicious victoria butter cookies recipe sugar cookie delicious victoria butter cookies recipe sugar cookie delicious victoria butter cookies recipe sugar cookie delicious victoria butter cookies recipe sugar cookie delicious


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