Win a pair of Herb Scissors!! My New Favorite Thing.

Here is this months giveaway that I promised.  Herb Scissors!!  They look pretty bad ass don’t they?  That’s because they are!!

It’s rare that I make promises and actually keep them.  I promised my Mom I would be successful and take care of her.  Ha!!  In my defense, she was having a lot of health problems and I didn’t think she would be around to see me not really do anything with my life.  So it’s kinda her own fault.  Actually, if I hadn’t made that promise maybe she wouldn’t have held on?

Todays Lesson:  Learn to keep your mouth shut.   

But two months of keeping my giveaway promise!!  Someone butter me because I’m on a roll.

Last months winner of the Nut Chopper couldn’t be happier and her life has changed for the better.   Her kids enrolled in college and are doing well, she lost 12 pounds, her husband got a huge promotion at work, her complexion is outstanding and she miraculously started speaking Spanish.  Now don’t you wish you had signed up for my Newsletter with your chance to win my monthly giveaways?!

Plus, your chances of winning are way better than winning the lottery.  Not as rewarding but at least you’ll be a winner.  For once.

Lets talk about the Herb Scissors.  I use a lot of fresh herbs in my cooking.  When chopping fresh herbs my cutting board turns green and my hands smell of cilantro all day.  Not a bad smell but not something I want to smell when I raise a cup of coffee to my face.  The herb scissors, typing scissors is difficult by the way, not only make it easier and not turn your cutting board green.  But you can cut the herbs right over the dish.  For example, if you’re garnishing some spaghetti with parsley. Chop the parsley right over the spaghetti.  Quick and easy and the presentation makes you look like you care.  The Herb Scissors make working with herbs easier, faster and a whole lot cleaner.

The Herb Scissors are not just for the kitchen.  Are you a beautician?  Use the herb scissors to cut hair.  Do you work as a birthday clown on the weekends?  Make confetti in a fraction of the time.  Are you one of the middle class Americans that is rapidly disappearing?  Cut up your credit cards with one chop.

I think I’ve sold you on the Herb Scissors.  My job here is done.  Until next month that is.

For your chance to win these Herb Scissors all you have to do is sign up for my Monthly Newsletter.  It’s that easy.  I will be drawing the winners name April 1st.  Keep an eye on your email!!

“You can get help from teachers, but you are going to have to learn a lot by yourself, sitting alone in a room.” – Dr. Seuss


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