Why World Leaders should bring a dish to meetings

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I was filling out a job application recently and they asked how people related through food and how that makes you relatable. 

Interesting thought, I thought.  So I thought about it.  It makes a lot of sense actually.

Imagine your neighbor is an asshole.  We had a party at the house and our asshole neighbor came over and he was pleasant and actually pretty cool to talk with.  Still an asshole but in the moment we got talking and I learned a lot about him and from what I gathered I figured out why he might be such an asshole.  In this finding I found him relatable and easier to deal with when it came to future confrontations. Which there always is with miserable assholes.

People really do relate through food.  People can be won over with a sure fire way. Cook for them.  It shows appreciation.  It shows hard work.  It shows them they are worth your hard work.  It shows a token of affection.  In return, they are more likely to be kind.

So what if when all the countries got together for The World Summit or The General Assembly and every country had to bring a dish?  You can tell a lot about a person by what they bring or don’t bring to a party.  You can also tell a lot about a person by how they act at this party.

For example.  Lets say we are at The General Assembly and America brings a couple bags of chips.  Italy walks in with potato salad.  Here comes Finland with some amazing traditional dish.  Not to mention Finland is dressed impeccable.  Of course.

Right away you can hear America being catty. “What kind of shit is this?  I was looking forward to shoving cannoli’s in my face and they bring potato salad.  Do they even eat that in Italy?  They probably swung by the grocery store and picked that up.  Bastards!”

Now you have Italy firing back at America because not only did America bring a lousy bag of Ruffles and a can of Pringles, that weren’t even the sour cream and onion kind. America is the first one at the table.  With a plate in each hand.

Italy is immediately pissed off.  “Fuckin a Americas! Talkin a shit about a us when they bring a sheety potato cheeps.  Now their a fat asses have a plate in each a hand full a food!! Sons a beeches!  Where is a the fuckin burgers America?”

Italy and America both felt the notion as to what the other should have brought or how they should have acted.

Here comes Finland with their perfect skin and high cheek bones carrying a stunning Lingonberry Pie.  Instantly, America and Italy stop the catty chit chat and feel ashamed as they realize what they brought.  All the countries want to know about Finlands Lingonberry Pie.

Finland goes into its tradition.  Where it came from, how grandma used to make it, the family recipe and how it means so much to them.  Because who the hell knows what a lingonberry is anyway?  Let alone tasted one.

All of a sudden, people are talking, sharing and learning about one another. America and Italy are seeing a side of Finland that they never bothered to learn.  All the countries are coming together to talk about their traditional dishes and sharing their lives.  They are learning about each other and their cultures and what makes them happy.  It makes America look cheap but Sour Cream and Onion Pringles are a tasty little processed food like substance.

Food brings people together.  Even if it’s Pringles or Potato Salad.  As long as you have a story or recipe.  At least America and Italy didn’t show up to the party empty handed like Greece.  Everyone was talking shit about that.  That’s just wrong.

If every country brought a dish, we would learn about each other.  That when it comes down to it, we are all just people with families and traditions.  That we all have ones that we love and have taught us something.  We too can teach that love and pass on traditions.  We would see that other countries are just like us.  We could be sharing and educating each other through food and block parties.  Sounds good to me.

“When you forgive yourself of mistakes, it gives you permission to show up again and learn.” – Joanna Garzilli 


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