Where have all the good guys gone?

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Here’s to today.  The complainers, the whiners, the entitled, the gimme society, the easily offended, it’s not my opinion it’s my “I’m right and your wrong” mentality. It’s out of control and the outlook isn’t promising. 

I’ve worked in restaurants and hotels my whole career.  One thing I’ve learned. The ones that complain and raise hell about bad service and food.  Will return. With more complaints and more problems.  You will kiss their ass, yet again. Spend all your time on them and bend over backwards to make them happy. Which no matter what you do, they won’t be happy.  These people are just miserable and out to get stuff for free.  Eventually, you will end up comping their food and drinks. Guess what?  They will return.  People that get their way and receive free stuff. Will return.

Those that said nothing, never complained, patiently waited, were respectful to the server, paid, tipped and walked out.  Are never to return again.  You never noticed them and probably never asked how their night was going.


All that time you spent on the complainers and trouble makers you neglected those that were decent, nice people that patiently waited and were understanding.  Now, you are stuck with asshole patrons and all the good guys are gone.

This isn’t only happening out in the restaurant with the customers.  It’s happening back in the kitchen with the cooks, dishwasher and waitstaff.  It’s happening everywhere.  Everywhere.

We cater to the complainers, whiners, the big mouths and trouble makers because we fear they will call corporate, not return or tell their other miserable friends on social media what a bad experience they had.  The hardworking employee is picking up the slack of the lazy because the manager is afraid of confrontation and telling the worthless to do their job nowadays is considered “harassment.”

Meanwhile, the honest hardworking employee and loyal good customer is getting screwed over and neglected.

We’ve tiptoed around the assholes for so long, that is all that is left.  We have patrons that don’t tip and treat staff horribly only to get what they want.  Not only do we give them everything they want, we go above.  Out of fear.  You have employees that are worthless and just as cruel as the patrons because you fear they will raise their voice and cause trouble like the patrons.  The good guys who have been nice and respectful have skipped town.  We are left with bullies and worthless employees.

Bowing to bullies will get you nowhere.

We ignore the courteous and polite and reward rude and inconsiderate.  It’s a damn shame.

Where have all the good guys gone?  I want to go there.  

“The wise are sensitive to right and wrong; they cease doing anything as soon as they see that it is wrong and they appreciate those who call their attention to it.”


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