Chocolate Mint Refrigerator Cookies

chocolate mint york peppermint patty cookies recipe

I don’t know what my obsession with cookies are lately.  I think cookies are my go-to for a quick treat for when people are being annoying. 

When people want something sweet or you have kids around the house and they keep nagging you for something sweet and won’t shut up.  You can throw together a cookie dough and have something within minutes.

Which is why I call cookies “Hush People”.  You know the old story behind Hush Puppies?  I’ll tell you now.

When I was a chubby, Ok fat kid…. Fine!!  Obese kid growing up, one of my favorite places to eat was Long John Silvers.  You would get nothing but a paper tray full of fried goodness. Fish, chicken, hush puppies, shrimp all fried in the same heavy batter.  My Grandma would go to the counter and return with a paper tray full of “Crunchies”.  It wasn’t until I was older that I learned that “Crunchies” were nothing but the leftover bits of batter floating at the top of the fryer.  How I haven’t had a heart attack yet I’ll never know.

I sure do miss Long John Silvers and “Crunchies”.  Oh Hush Puppies!  One of mine and everyone else’s favorite thing were hush puppies.  They are a fried, of course, cornmeal batter with a nice golden crunch on the outside and a soft beautiful center.  Why the name Hush Puppies?  My Dad told my brothers and I that the fishermen would throw this fried cornmeal batter to the dogs to get them to stop barking while the fishermen gutted their fish they.  That’s how they got the name “Hush Puppies”.  Pretty cool story huh?

This is what cookies are like in the people world.  When people and kids are being annoying and a pain in the ass. Throw them some “Hush People’s”.  People like cookies no matter what the flavor.  They’re like dogs with a bone.  Give them a cookie and they’ll be happy and shut up for a while.

Chocolate and mint is one hell of a combo.  I’ve always admired this union and wondered why I don’t use it more often.

This cookie is a little more on the drier side than your average fudge brownie cookie. Think of a rich butter cookie.  Kinda like that.  It correlates well with the soft spots you hit with the peppermint patties for that burst of mint.

This is definitely one for your cookie repertoire.  It keeps well and travels even better, like in your purse or jacket pocket.

“Big outcomes are the accumulation of many small outcomes.”


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Chocolate Mint Refrigerator Cookies


226g          butter
150g          powdered sugar
3                 egg yolks
200g          flour
35g            cocoa powder
3g              salt
5g              vanilla extract
226g          York Peppermint Patties, chopped

-cream the butter with the powdered sugar until light in color and fluffy
-add your egg yolks and vanilla and mix until the mix is smooth again
-add your flour, cocoa powder and salt and mix just until combined and you can’t see anymore butter color
-add your chopped peppermint patties and mix just until the patties are evenly dispersed throughout the mix
-separate the dough onto two pieces of plastic wrap and roll into logs
-refrigerate at least 4 hours or best overnight
-the next day, cut 1/2 inch cookies from the logs and bake at 350 for 7-10 minutes

Notes:  I used York Peppermint Patties.  There are other peppermint candies out there. Use your favorite.  Junior Mints I’m sure would be a great substitute.  Let me know if you try it!!

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