Spiced Rum Butter

spiced rum butter recipe captain morgan

I mentioned in the past what a fantastic idea compound butters are.  I don’t think you are to be finishing a sentence with ‘are’ but in this day and age of Presidents and Kardashians.  Do we really have standards anymore? 

This Spiced Rum Butter is butter on steroids.  Without the liver damage and shrunken testicles.  The only thing this butter has in common with steroids is that one day it might win an award or trophy of some kind.  It’s that awesome!!

If anyone from Kraft Foods is reading this and I have mentioned it in the past. Instead of ketchup and mustard packets.  Compound butter packets.  Huh?  I will not rest until this is at least considered.  Shoot me an email or leave a comment and at least tell me you’re listening.

I’m talking to you too Indra Nooyi.  Big fan by the way.

You like cinnamon toast?  You like rum in your coffee?  You like a little slab of butter on your banana bread?  Of course!  We all do!  Now imagine all that in a jar of butter?

Picture yourself grabbing a warm slice of banana bread and slathering on some Spiced Rum Butter.  The rum butter melts oh so softly into the cracks and bubbles of the banana bread as you grab your cup of coffee.  The spiced dance across your tongue and the coffee swooshes through your mouth and drowns out the annoying coworker who does nothing but complain and cry about everything.  You want so badly to throw your scalding hot coffee in their pathetic loser face but it’s the last cup of coffee and there are two more slices of Spiced Rum Butter and banana bread left.  Tough call but in the end, not worth it.

The Spiced Rum Butter is one you keep on your counter.  I’ll tell you why, just settle your pretty face.  Throw a spoonful on your pancakes or waffles in the morning and watch them and you come alive.  Use it place of regular butter for making cookies and cakes.  I personally like it my Double Chocolate Cookies recipe.  Oh, and of course my Banana Bread.  Sauté up some bananas for Bananas Foster.  Cook up a batch of Spiced Rum Butter and put it mason jars and pass it out for the Holidays.  I know I wouldn’t mind receiving something delicious and a gift I could actually use for once.

“When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot.” – Dalai Lama


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Spiced Rum Butter

454g               Unsalted Butter
4 pieces         Cinnamon Sticks
2 pieces         Star Anise
1 piece           Vanilla Bean
125g               Brown Sugar
125g               Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

-combine brown sugar and rum, set aside
-cook butter, cinnamon sticks, anise and vanilla bean in medium sauce pan to brown butter stage
-pour butter over rum and sugar mix.  Stirring to combine.  Let cool.

Notes:  Use a good butter.  The higher the fat content the better.  No, don’t use margarine.  Ever.  Even just in everyday life.  Vanilla bean would be nice but I know it’s expensive.  You can substitute the vanilla bean for 1tsp of vanilla extract.  Add the extract with the rum and brown sugar when you’re cooking the butter.  Last, choose a good rum.  I like the Captain Morgan Spiced Rum but I have also used Myer’s Dark Rum and it turned out lovely as well.  I think any dark rum would be fantastic in this recipe.

spiced rum butter recipe captain morgan spiced rum butter recipe captain morgan spiced rum butter recipe captain morgan spiced rum butter recipe captain morgan

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