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I use nuts a lot in my baking.  [Insert trite joke here]  Not only baking but in cooking in general.  I like a crunch factor in my food.  

When I was a kid my Mom had this gadget for grinding up nuts.  Identical to the one in the photo.  Except is was glass and solid and built to last.  Now everything is plastic and meant to last a for just a little bit.  I loved this gadget and I loved grinding up what always seemed like walnuts for my Moms baking.  Walnuts are not cheap but she loved them and that’s what she was using.

When I think of my Mom when she did her baking and cooking, she never cut corners.  My Mom loves food and eating is a sacred thing to this woman.  I’ve witnessed this woman cry over burning a $20 steak and yet smile when she broke a toy she spent $50 on to prove to my brothers and I that she had no limits when it came to proving she was the boss.

This was such a wonderful thing.  I learned when I went off to culinary school and baking and cooking for myself that ingredients are key.  To this day I have learned that the best ingredients make the best meals.  You can’t cut corners when it comes to quality.  Apple has and look what’s happening there.  Enough said.

The not so wonderful thing about cooking with such good ingredients is that they are harder to find nowadays.  I haven’t had a cantaloupe like the ones my Mom would buy from the farmer on the side of the road back in Ohio.  Growing up my Mom and Dad grew their own tomatoes every summer.  My Mom would go pick a ripe tomato for dinner.  She would slice it up and serve it with cottage cheese and a little salt and pepper.  The tomato was still warm from the summer sun and with the cold cottage cheese.  Damn!!  Fantastic.  The whole family sat down for dinner and then we fought.  Like a real family.

Families aren’t like this anymore and neither is food.  Damn shame.

Anyway, when I saw the Nut Chopper I had to have it for home because it reminded me of home, Mom and growing up which made me sad and then I saw the price tag and got sadder.  I had originally had an idea to give out five of my favorite things a month.  HA!  I hadn’t thought that one through, huh?

The Nut Chopper is My New Favorite Thing because, well you just read most of it, but also chopping nuts really pisses me off.  When you chop nuts they have a tendency to go all over the kitchen.  They fly or roll, depending what nut you’re chopping.  Their everywhere by the time you’re done.  The Nut Chopper, which had been really cool if they designed it to look like a helicopter, keeps everything contained with no mess.  It chops the nuts fine or coarse and it has measurements on the side for easy scaling.  Great gadget!

The Nut Chopper is this months new favorite thing that I will choose one lucky reader to receive for the month of February.  I’ll draw names on February 1st and notify you via email.  Be sure to sign up for my Newsletter by February 1st to be in the running.

Good luck!

“Intelligence dies in imitating others.”


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