Hot Toddy with Whiskey Raisins

whiskey hot toddy to cure the common cold

Have you ever used a Hot Toddy to get over a cold?  It seems like this is the old fashioned way of dealing with a cold.  I understand why it’s old fashion but I think we should bring it back.  

Notice Grandma and Grandpa never got sick?  If they did it was rare and they treated themselves.  With a Hot Toddy.  People today are pussies and run to the doctor for everything.  Grandparents had potions and home remedies that worked. A Hot Toddy was one of them. A Hot Toddy is frowned upon today because “How dare you give your child alcohol!”  But going to the doctor and getting a bag full of pills has become the norm and just fine.

I used to think a Hot Toddy sounded gross.  Once when I thought I was dying, I was offered a Hot Toddy.  I thought I had nothing to lose and clearly I have nothing to live for, so I took it graciously.  When I took the first sip it was like a hug for my lungs.  My chest felt warm and my stomach was so soothed.  After my fourth Hot Toddy I slept like a baby, waking up the next morning feeling like a million bucks. I’m sure my body sweat and ached all night but I felt nothing.  Plus, there was no groggy feeling like when you take cold medicines.

Hot Toddy’s are my go-to for winter colds.  If I don’t have a cold a Hot Toddy doesn’t do anything for me.  I think it tastes horrible.  But when I got a nasty cold, I crave it.  My body knows what it needs.  The tried and true methods that are good for you are all there.  Cinnamon, lemon and honey we all know are natures cures. And of course whiskey is a mind eraser and cures such things as sadness, the inability to dance and shyness, amongst many other things.  Natures cures for the common ills are all in this cup of happy.  God really is good.

I soaked raisins in whiskey a while back for a couple recipes just for fun.  Well, that fun went beyond because they are delicious.  Check out the links below to other recipes involving the whiskey raisins.  They are mighty tasty and I am even guilty of throwing them on my oatmeal in the morning.  I know what you’re thinking and I don’t care.  I decided to throw the whiskey raisins into my Hot Toddy because, Why not?  The Hot Toddy has whiskey and the raisins are soaking in it besides it added an element of sweetness and flavor from the raisins.  Really gave it something else besides just sweet honey.

I used Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey but that is not necessary.  It’s just what I had on hand and I just really, really…really like it.   Of course, you can use your favorite whiskey or you can just go the cheapest route.  Actually, don’t go cheap on whiskey. Get you some good Jack Daniel’s Whiskey.

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“The only hobby I haven’t given up since I’ve gotten older is drinking”

Hot Toddy


1/4          Lemon Wedge
8              pieces of clove
1              cinnamon stick
2Tbsp      honey
1Tbsp     whiskey raisins
1 shot     Jack Daniels Honey
Boiling Water

-Take your lemon wedge and drill 8 holes in it with a pairing knife just so you’re able to put in your cloves, drop the whole thing in your coffee mug
-dump in the remaining ingredients and top off your mug with boiling water
-Enjoy and feel better… Damn winter!!

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