How life is just like a Dance Floor

life is like a dance floor

When was the last time you were out?  People watching is a like a sport for me.  Do you ever just sit and watch the shit that people do?  Man, people are interesting characters.  They really are. 

If you’re not a club person, I will fill you in as to how life is exactly like the dance floor at the club.

First, you have the few guys and gals on the dance floor having one hell of a good time.  They are carefree, dancing, enjoying the music and having an absolute blast. They don’t care who’s watching or saying what.  They are enjoying life and being happy.  They are too busy being themselves and worrying about their own happiness that nobody else matters.  Like life, there are very few of these people on the dance floor.

Then you got your typical people standing on the dance floor.  Not dancing.  Just standing there, holding their drinks and being annoyed by those dancing that are bumping into them.  They are the ones that think life should cater to them.  They are the complainers.  They put themselves in a situation to be bothered but it’s someone else’s fault.  The fact that you are enjoying your life and not tip toeing around them is annoying to them.  There are a lot of them on the dance floor of life.  I mean, a lot!

Then you have those standing on the sidelines watching the dance floor.  The ones in life, watching life go by.  They admire those doing their own thing and respect that but are too shy to join the fun or just too damn old to be there regardless.  I’m old but I’m on the dance floor.  Fuck it!

Lastly, there are the people who judge and make fun of everyone.  The one who thinks they are super important and they are super not.  They only came to the bar to solely make fun of everyone to feel better about their miserable self.  The one who will tell everyone how miserable their retail job is.  Because it really is.  That parts accurate.

They won’t join in dancing because then they fear they will get made fun of as well. It’s easier and less of an ego blow to follow the crowd.  Thus never doing anything, all night or all their lives.

They are the coworkers that talk shit about everyone else to hide the fact that the actual piece of shit is the one doing the shit talking.

Sadly, there are a lot of these people on life’s dance floor as well.  Too many actually.

So, when you’re ready to hit life’s dance floor, which person would you rather be?  The clubs dance floor, like life’s dance floor is only open for a certain time.  Choose wisely because eventually the club closes and the lights come up.  How would you rather spend your time on life’s dance floor?  Complaining, angry, judging or dancing having the time of your life?

I hope you choose to dance!!

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