Do we need someone new to believe in?

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What if nobody taught you what to believe?  What if God or whoever you believe in said, “I mean, this is my thinking but hey…You need to think for yourself.  You don’t need me to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong.”

There are still people out there that need to be told how to think and what to believe.  Those people that want a strangers opinion.  People that alter their lives because of what someone said.  People go into debt to have something they don’t need because they were taught to believe that they need it.  People going against their own families, feelings and beliefs because someone said it was OK.

Mom and Dad raised me to believe that Santa would come to the house and deliver toys if I were good little boy all year.  Sixteen years later I found out that was utter bullshit.  Although, it would probably be best if everyone believed and prayed to Santa.  People are always happy about getting gifts, eating and drinking.  Why can’t we start a religion like that?  Because eventually Christmas too, like religion, will be corrupt and over taken by big business.  Oh wait.

That’s the beauty of Santa though.  You believe when you’re a kid that a guy lives at the North Pole, has a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer, delivers toys and then you discover for yourself that, “Wait a minute.  This guy was made up for me to be a nice kid, bribing me with gifts!”  That’s when you learn about trusting your parents and not always trust what you’re being told.  Realizing that most things you’re taught to believe are utter bullshit.  You then realize, you need to think for yourself.

It’s possible, that God was the first Santa.  Now the theory that I came up with makes sense.  That BC means Before Christmas.  Way back in the day the people thought that society was out of control.  Kind of like it is now.  So, they made up this God character and told people that if they were assholes, they would be punished.  But, if you believed in God and were a good person, then maybe, just maybe he would cure you of your illness.  This worked for a mighty long time and to some it still does.  People were good.  They listened.  The didn’t steal or kill. Religion ruled the world for a while and it was a wonderful thing.  If you don’t count all the wars, famine, disease, hunger, homelessness, hatred and well you get the idea.

Now, things are getting uglier than a grocery store cashiers attitude.  What are we to do?  We sure as hell can’t trust our government.  So what?  If you can’t trust the government, I just told you Santa’s made up and religion is on a decline.  What’s there to believe?  Should we come up with another character?  Maybe one that promises you fame and fortune or a record deal if you’re nice?  With the way society is going this looks the most promising but there’s enough crappy music out there as it is.

What if people had a strong belief in themselves?  This is ideal but it will never work.  People need someone or something to believe in.  If people actually believed in themselves and listened to their hearts, Tony Robbins wouldn’t live in a Malibu mansion raking in millions by giving such ground breaking advice like, “What do you think you should do?” and “Why don’t you do what’s right for you?”

Clearly people need something to believe in.  Whether it’s Santa, God, whoever you pray too, Tony Robbins and so on.  As long as you have a foundation of strength and faith, no matter what, where or whom it’s in.  As long as you found that belief yourself, based on the principles of a happy life. I wish you all the best.  We all need something to believe in.

“Be true to yourself.  Live your life in a way that best suits your unique identity.”

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