White Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cocktail

white chocolate covered strawberry cocktail with strawberry sugar

I remember when I was a kid having my first taste of Tequila Rose.  I wasn’t a kid. More likely a teenager.  Which is a kid.  I’m not here to defend myself and you’re not here to read about my pathetic life.  Unless you need to feel better about yourself, then be my guest and read some past articles.  They should cheer you right up. 

Last week I went back to Ohio with my Assistant Gilberto for parties and a couple events.  We were at the grocery store when I passed a bottle of Tequila Rose.  “Oh man, I remember this stuff.” I said all excited.  Gilbert hadn’t a clue.  How can you be Mexican and not be familiar with Tequila Rose?  I’ll tell you how.   Because it takes America to take a bottle of Tequila and McDonalds it up.  That’s how.

Well, I hadn’t had Tequila Rose since I was a kid and yet it tasted exactly how I remembered.  Nestle’s Nesquik Strawberry drink.  With Tequila.  Maybe that’s why I liked it when I was a kid.  Maybe that’s why all kids and girls like it.  Marketing Genius.   When I returned to work I asked the bartender why we didn’t carry Tequila Rose and he said, “Because we don’t serve 12 year old girls here.”  There. You.  Go.  I guess the marketers know what they’re doing.  I mean, marketers would never try to push something like alcohol or tobacco towards kids.  What am I thinking?

Doesn’t matter.  I like Tequila Rose.  This drink isn’t as overly sweet as I had imagined it would be.  The day I become a stay at home Mom, this will be my drink of choice for dessert at lunch.  I used Grey Goose vodka that I had dropped a vanilla bean in 6 months ago.  You by all means do not have to do this.  You can purchase vanilla flavored vodka and the results will be just as fine but not as refined. Pinnacle Vodka has a ton of flavors.  I have not tried their vanilla vodka, though I have tried their whipped cream vodka and it is quite delicious.  You could experiment and use their Whipped Cream Vodka for the White Chocolate Covered Strawberry.  If you do, please report back to me and let me know what you think.  But if you didn’t try it with Vanilla Vodka how would you compare?  Try both and let me know.

The Strawberry Sugar I happened to pick up at a Le District here in New York.  If you can’t find it in your area, you can order it through their website here – Strawberry Flavored Sugar.  When I saw this sugar I knew I had to get it and do something with it.  I think the strawberry rim on the cocktail is brilliant and I can’t wait to play more with this sugar.  It has a great strawberry flavor without being a chemically artificially like flavor.  Check them out.  The sugar is on the coarse side. The large coarse sugar did not stick to the glass easily and was falling off everywhere.  That’s how you get ants.  I ground up the sugar in the food processor to a fine powder so it would stick to the glass much better and it did.

Enjoy your White Chocolate Covered Strawberry!!  

“Fear is a passive form of anger and anger is an active form of fear.” – Osho


White Chocolate Covered Strawberry


1oz        Tequila Rose
1oz        Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur
1oz        Vanilla Vodka

-combine, stir and pour over ice into your strawberry sugar rimmed glass
-straight up or over ice, your call
-live life and enjoy

white chocolate covered strawberry cocktail with strawberry sugar white chocolate covered strawberry cocktail with strawberry sugar