Quiche in a Bread Loaf

quiche in a loaf of bread recipe

The quiche in a bread loaf idea actually came out of an hallucination that I had. I think it’s considered an hallucinations. I’m not clear on the definition of a hallucination. I’ll just tell you the story and you let me know.

Here’s what happened. I was cleaning the bathroom, which normally I don’t do, I usually have my Assistant Gilberto do it but he said he was on strike until I buy band aids. If I find out who the son of a bitch was that taught him what a strike is, I might end up in prison like my enemy Martha Stewart. Anyway, I was cleaning the bathroom with a cocktail of cleaners I found under the bathroom sink. Long story short, I’m very sensitive to smells and I started getting nauseated and felt a monster headache coming on. I crawled to the couch and passed out for what felt like days. When I awoke, I could recall bits and pieces of a dream/hallucination of me eating a quiche that was baked in a loaf of bread.

I thought it sounded very cool but I was afraid it sounded a little lazy, like Sandra Lee half-ass homemade. The only thing Martha and I have in common, before I go to prison, is our disgust for Sandra Lee. I mean, seriously. Food Network really lost a lot and I mean a lot of credibility when they put that thing in their lineup. She must have gave Food Network an ass load of money. Oh shit. I just thought of something. All those times I’ve applied to Food Network and their shows and I don’t get called back. I’m guessing they’ve read my blog. Damn it!!

Screw it. As my Mom would say, “We’re still going out to eat, right?”  Because that’s all that matters.

I made a quiche in the past that turned out pretty bad ass, if I do say so myself. It’s worth checking out for the brief history of quiche and because I just loving say Quiche-us Christ. I will use the Quiche-us Christ on my menu when I open my own place. I can’t wait! You could even use the filling from the Quiche-us Christ here, if this one doesn’t sound appetizing to you.

The quiche in a bread loaf right now is my new favorite thing. It’s so easy to whip up a quiche with ingredients you have in the fridge and the quiche in the loaf looks so damn good and appetizing. It’s much easier than pie crust. More flavor than pie crust. Easier to transport than pie crust if you’re taking the loaf to a friends. You could even do it in smaller loaves or bread bowls. I had a group of girls over for brunch one Sunday and I made the quiche in bread bowls. Let me tell you, those ladies squealed like my friend Nathan at a rodeo. He loves cowboys.

I do hope this idea for quiche in a bread loaf inspired you to get your ass into the kitchen and try something new. I always say my recipes are “So easy” and well, I think this one is as well. I do hope you try it.

Have fun and enjoy your weekend!

Today is my Mom’s Birthday.  She is the most wonderful, selfless, creative, hardworking, giving never taking, nonjudgemental, loving person that I could go on and on about.  A rare gem, truly! I love you more than I love myself Mom. God knows where I’d be without you.  Happy Birthday!!!!



“Life has always been fair. Our lack of humanity and compassion has made it unfair.”


For the quiche:

I used a Foot Long Italian Loaf. Other times I have made the quiche with Ciabatta. You want a bread that has a good solid crust but not anything hard. It will just get harder when you bake the quiche and you don’t want that. Cut the top off your Italian bread and hollow out the inside, making sure not to tear any of the crust. You don’t want your filling to leak out while baking. Save the excess bread for making a bread pudding later in the week.

For the filling:

1 chorizo, crumbled
1 8oz package of button mushrooms, sliced
1/2c red pepper, fine dice
1c shredded cheddar
1/2tsp red pepper flakes
1c sour cream
1c eggs (approx. 5)
salt and pepper

-sautee the chorizo with peppers and mushrooms until the chorizo is cooked, about 5 minutes, set aside.
-combine the sour cream with the eggs and red pepper flakes until smooth. Here, go ahead a give good pinch of salt and pepper, keeping in mind that the chorizo itself is probably on the salty side. Go ahead and give it a taste before you’re generous with the salt.
-go ahead and throw all your filling, the cheese, mushrooms, chorizo and red peppers into your bread loaf. Now go ahead and dump in your quiche filling.
-put your loaf into a 350 degree oven for approximately 35-45 minutes. Give it a turn about half way through cooking and check. It may need less or more time, depending on the size and depth of the loaf.

I got a good 6 portions out of the foot long Italian loaf of Quiche.

quiche in a loaf of bread recipe quiche in a loaf of bread recipe quiche in a loaf of bread recipe quiche in a loaf of bread recipe


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