That relationship you’re in with food? Time to end it.

cheeseburger in NYC on the frying pan restaurant new york city

Food always has been and probably always will be a social thing.  “Hey, I haven’t seen you in forever.  Let’s get lunch sometime.” 

Food signifies something.  An event.  A celebration.  A Holiday.  Sadly, it could also mean depression.  A bad memory.

I’m from Ohio.  Food means life.  When I book a flight back home, I fly into Detroit.  When I look at flights and I compare prices I mostly compare terminals. “Delta, Oh that’s the Chick-fil-A terminal.”  Atlanta airport also has a Chick-fil-A terminal.  I know because I had to go three terminals over to get there, almost missing my connecting flight.

“Eyes don’t create anything – they simply inform you what is there.  Creating one’s own reality is called imagination – that is the faculty of dreaming.” – Osho

This is how and why we need to change our relationship with food.  Let’s be honest. How many times has someone invited you to an event and the first thing you thought about was what the food was going to be?  How many times have you been invited somewhere and didn’t go because you knew the food was going to suck? Perhaps you didn’t even bother to go because you knew there wasn’t going to be food?  Or, you went and the food sucked, so the event sucked and you were pissed you wasted your time?

I can relate completely.  I think this is all of us at one time or another.  Our priority is food, over anything else.  I almost missed a flight just to get a chicken sandwich. A delicious amazingly tasty chicken sandwich.

What if your friend said, “Hey I haven’t see you in forever.  Let’s meet on a park bench and catch up.”  Park bench?  Who the hell meets on a park bench?  What are we 80?  Maybe this is why we haven’t seen each other for a while.  I’ve been avoiding you.  See, your food relationship is keeping you from hanging out with your friends.  They miss you!

Food is social, it’s fun, it’s too many cocktails and then it’s too many plates on the table.  Some people when invited to a party ask, “Is Dave going to be there?” and others, like us, ask “Is cake going to be there?”   This is having a relationship with food and not life and friends, well not Dave, but real friends.  Our lives revolve around food.

The relationship we have with food is like a bad relationship in general.  We know those chicken wings and fries look and taste so damn good.  We also know they are going to hurt us.  We also know when they do, we are going to go right back to them when we see them again. This is the relationship we need to get out of with food.  I love food too but when it’s hurting you physically and mentally, it’s time to break it off. Yes, I know, easier said than done.

“Everything you need to break unhealthy cycles of behavior is within you.”

Just like all bad habits or relationships or however you wish to phrase this.  We need to acknowledge it and confront it.  Be honest and upfront about your relationship with food.  I have dodged social gatherings in order to refrain from overeating. This is not always the easiest or the best but sometimes it’s necessary.  Food will not change as a social gathering.  So we need to change our relationship with food. We need to change that food isn’t a social thing.  No, it’s not easy, it sucks.  Plain and simple.  I think it was President Reagan who said, “It’s not a diet. It’s a live it.” Yes. Exactly.  It’s a battle the rest of your life.  Some things in life will never change.  We on the other hand will have too.

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