Changing our Mindset about Overeating

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I’m so tired of seeing all theses pill and drinks and things that are supposed to suppress your appetite or help you lose weight, in one way or another.  They don’t work.  Please don’t buy these and waste your money.  If you overeat, it is because you like to eat and you eat because it’s there.  It doesn’t matter if you’re hungry or not.  That’s not how overweight people think.  We see food and we want it.  Plain and simple. 

I had the unfortunate pleasure of knowing a girl that shoved food in her face at such an alarming speed that she got so winded she could hardly carry on a conversation.  When food was in her presence she was like a freight train smashing a Volkswagen.  As captivating as it was to watch, it was also depressing.  At least it made you feel better about yourself.  When you are this adamant about eating, no pill is going to suppress that.

Mental overeating is the worst because it doesn’t matter what it is.  It doesn’t matter where you are.  If it’s carrots, I’m eating the whole plate.  Just because it’s there.  I don’t even like carrots.  Unless they are cooked somehow.  Like in a sauce, covered in a sauce or in a cake.  Masking the flavor of carrots.  I could be at a fancy place and I would turn into the girl I had the unfortunate pleasure of knowing.

If a table was laid out with 10 guns and only one was loaded.  Would you take the chance and put one to your head and pull the trigger?  Now, if a table had a plate of 10 chicken wings and just one wing was poisoned.  Would you eat any?  Tough, huh?

Changing mental overeating is difficult.  Sometimes it’s a money issue.  You can’t live without the thought of throwing away food.  You buy food in bulk because it’s cheaper.  You order the sausage and gravy with biscuits because it’s cheaper than the healthy option.

Sometimes, it’s an I-can’t-live-without mental issue.  You think this may be the last time you’re getting Aunt Edna’s meatloaf, so you better load up.  No matter how sick it makes you.  This is ridiculous and not healthy.  

I had a talk with a lady, we’ll call her Mom.  I told her, “Why don’t you order the smaller portion and when you’re full.  Have the waiter take it away?”  She said, “Why don’t I order the larger portion.  Take what I don’t finish home and have it for dinner?”  To which I said, “Because you know goddamn well, by the time you get home you won’t be full anymore and you’ll eat it.  Then you’ll also go ahead and make dinner.”  To which she replied, “This is true.”  Yes.  It is true.  I know it’s true because I’m a mental overeater as well and that is exactly what I would do.  I know the game woman.

It’s a fucked up mentality.  It really is.  There seems to be no control.  You either take yourself out of the situation, don’t put yourself in the situation or you learn control.  We all know when it comes to self control.  Easier sad than done!

I was preparing the night before for a cookout we were having the next day.  When I looked at the person who was helping me.  We’ll call her Mom.  I said, “You know what’s sad?  Is that I already know now, that tomorrow I am going to eat until I am sick.”  Pausing and realizing the sad truth, she agreed.

Avoiding social events is no fun and sometimes not possible.  Leaving early is no fun.  Social pressure and peoples pressure to “just try one” is a bitch.  It was either Thomas Jefferson or George Jefferson that said, “The only way through is through.”

Learning to say “No” and walk away is the toughest yet most satisfying thing you can do.  Again, easier said than done.  Have a talk with yourself.  Tell yourself that you want more but you can’t and shouldn’t.  Go to the bathroom and have a conversation with yourself in the mirror.  Take a walk.

You can’t avoid food.  It’s everywhere and it’s oh so good.  You don’t want to skip the cookout.  You want to hang out with your friends.  So, you will have to fight with that fat son of a bitch in your head that wants to overeat.  The only way is through and facing that demon.

“A positive mind will give you a positive life – guaranteed.”


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