How you’re just an extra in someones life movie

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It was in passing.  Might have been on TV.  Can’t remember where I heard it.  Yet, it has resinated with me for quite some time.

Every day you are an extra in someone’s life.  You don’t have a major role.  You like to think you do.  Honestly, you don’t.  Not even to friends or family.  Sure, you’re important to someone but you’re still not the major character.  The only major character you play in life is in your own life.

All the extras always look at the main character and say “That’s going to be me someday”.  Make that day every day.

Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, friends, family and on and on.  Not only are you just an extra in their lives.  They too are just extras in your life.  In the background drinking coffee, reading a book or talking.  Probably talking shit about you.  It has no impact on you whatsoever.  Keep the dialogue moving.  Nobody likes a boring actor.  Ask Gwyneth Paltrow.

Nobody ever says, “Hey, remember in the movie Tommy Boy?  Who was the guy at the auto shop, the mechanic, in the background working on the car?”  No one ever said this.  He didn’t play a major role in the movie.  There is a million people you pass on a daily basis.  They are nobody.  They have their role.  The girl who made your coffee this morning.  The guy who didn’t say “thank you” when you held the door.  The girl who did say “thank you” when you held the door.  They did their thing, moved on and forgot about it.

People come in and out of our lives for a reason.  Some stay, some make an impact, some are supporting characters, some are the heroes and some are the villains.  Unlike most superhero movies, instead of just one villain, in real life there are a lot of villains.  Eventually though, they all come and thankfully they all go.

Your life movie could be a drama, comedy or action thriller.  Completely up to you.  You are the main character and director.  Always remember this.  You have the final say in how this is going to go down.

At the end of every day, you lay your head down and your movie is over.  Tomorrow you will wake up to a whole lot of new characters, a whole new movie and a new plot.  Every day is up to you.  You can be anyone you want to be.

The point I’m making is, why do you give the extras in your life movie the leading role?  Why do you give them any kind of power?  They are just extras.  They are just….there.  Since when was the bitch in line at the grocery store who looked over her shoulder and judged you anyone to you?  She is playing the angry bitch in her movie.  I don’t want to be in that movie or her movie.  I prefer comedies myself.  That’s another thing, don’t be a villain in anyones movie or your movie.

Go finish your movie and forget about the extras.

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