Vanilla Frosting Funfetti Popsicles

Pillsbury funfetti confetti vanilla frosting popsicle recipe

I’m a fat kid at heart.  I think a lot of people are.  Who didn’t eat frosting right out of the can as a kid?  If you didn’t you probably had a pretty shitty childhood.  Boring at the very least.  Your mom was probably the type that was on your ass for everything you did.


I joke about how fat I was but man was I one happy fat kid.  Vanilla frosting right out of the can was one of my favorites.  Being the only fat one of three brothers was like being the only fat kid, well anywhere.  When food went missing, immediately my mom knew it was me.  I mean, even I wouldn’t try to lie my way out of that one.  When my mom would open the cupboard to get frosting, I would cringe.  I knew she was going to be pissed.  She would open the lid, find the foil ripped back and half the tub of frosting was gone.  She would throw her head back, “God….damn it Gus!!”  When you’re a kid and naive, you always think “How did she know it was me?”  Then you get older and realize how blatantly obvious that it was me.  You’re the only fat animal in the house.  Of course it was you.

I still eat frosting from the can but I have learned to control myself.  When I was a kid and fat, it was all fun and eating and hanging out with friends riding bikes.  As you get older and your fat ass can’t keep up with your friends on their bikes and you’re sweating before you even get on the bike.  It isn’t fun anymore.

funfetti confetti vanilla frosting popsicle recipe I made this Vanilla Frosting Ice Cream before but I used Duncan Hines.  To be completely honest, I prefer Duncan Hines.  No apologies.  Step up your game Pillsbury Doughboy.  It’s a competitive world out there.  You can’t keep milking your damn formula until we blow this mother up.  Get with the times.  I’m sure Duncan Hines hasn’t changed much over the hundred years they’ve been around either but I still like their frosting better.  Plus, it froze better and had a better consistency and flavor.  Yet I’m sure there are some of you out there that are Pillsbury fans.  To each their own and their own is wrong.

I was going somewhere with that and as usual, I derailed.  What I wanted to tell you is that, I made an ice cream cake using the Duncan Hines vanilla frosting ice cream.  Check out what I did and get some ideas.  It turned out beautifully!!  I need to revisit it myself.  Damn it was good.  Ice Cream cakes are one of those desserts you think is for kids but it’s totally a guilty fat person pleasure.  I’ve bought ice cream cakes and sat home and destroyed them all by my lonesome.

The Vanilla Frosting Popsicles are a toned down variation of the ice cream cake.  Actually, more like a carry with you ice cream cake popsicle.  I’m doing that next.  Don’t steal the idea.  I know you read this blog……… Martha Stewart!!!!

Everyone loves popsicles at summer time.  I know I do.  You can make them healthy too.  I read that somewhere.

Enjoy the funfetti popsicles.  The kids and the fat kid in all of us will thoroughly enjoy them!!  Happy Summer!!

“The strongest people who show strength in front of us are those who win battles we know nothing about.”


Pillsbury Vanilla Frosting Funfetti Popsicles

1 can                   Pillsbury Vanilla Funfetti Frosting
2 1/2c                 cold water

-set aside funfetti sprinkles
-whisk together until there are no lumps of frosting
-leave in the refrigerator overnight
-whisk to combine again before pouring into ice cream maker
-spin in ice cream maker unit resembles soft serve
-fold in the funfetti sprinkles
-spoon into popsicle molds
-you can use a toothpick and stir or tap on counter to make sure to get out any air bubbles
-freeze overnight

Pillsbury funfetti confetti vanilla frosting popsicle recipe Pillsbury funfetti confetti vanilla frosting popsicle recipe Pillsbury funfetti confetti vanilla frosting popsicle recipe

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