Watermelon Tomato Salad

watermelon cucumber jalapeno salad in watermelon bowl recipe

The first time I came across a watermelon tomato salad on a menu I scoffed.  “This can’t be any good.” I said to myself, out loud.  Well, that was the first time I was wrong that day.   I love when people experiment with food and flavors.  I loved the watermelon tomato salad so much that it has almost become my favorite summer salad.  Greek salad being my all time favorite salad, no matter the season.

You won’t find me doing a Greek salad on here though.  Greek salad doesn’t need any experimenting or bizarre ingredient.  It’s perfect the way it is.

I love salads and love to throw unordinary ingredients into salad.  One of my favorite salads as a kid was the wilted spinach and bacon salad.  Nothing unordinary but it is extraordinary.  My Mom fried up chopped bacon, poured Catalina salad dressing into the pan and while it was still warm, poured it over the spinach.  Holy goodness, it was amazing.  A killer of a salad though.  Between the bacon and Catalina dressing with God knows what of chemical ingredients, I’m pretty sure it took three years off my life.  No wonder I was a super fat kid.

When I was throwing together ides for my watermelon salad, I wanted to add some heat.  I love cool flavors with heat.  For this I threw in a pinch of diced jalapeños.  I also noticed that everyone uses feta cheese in their watermelon salads.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore feta cheese and can eat it with just about anything but it didn’t belong here.  Feta cheese has a tendency to dominate.  I didn’t want feta cheese stealing the show of the watermelon salad.  I thought a better choice and to go along with the Mexican theme of the salad that I would use Mexican cheese.  I wanted something a little more subdued so the sweet watermelon came through.  I love Mexican cheese because it has that little bit of sour and salty taste without the over powering thing going on like feta.  It also gels with the jalapeño and of course the Mexican theme of the salad.

When I was drawing up my plans of the Mexican Watermelon Salad, it has an official name now.  My assistant Gilberto just shook his head in disagreement.  It could have been disgust, who knows for sure?  I will tell you how confident I am about my Mexican Watermelon Salad.  I made a bet with Gilberto that if he doesn’t like the salad that I will watch a full episode of FABlife.  Yeah, exactly.  I sure as hell didn’t want to lose that bet.  That’s how confident I am that he would like the Mexican Watermelon Salad.

In conclusion, not only did he love the watermelon salad we had some friends (actually more like acquaintances) over and they loved it too.  Hopefully you will too.

“If you want people to have your back, you need to appreciate them”


Mexican Watermelon Salad

3c               watermelon, cubed
1c               Mexican cheese, cubed
1                 cucumber, seeds removed
1                 tomato, seeds removed
1Tbsp        diced jalapeño
2tsp           chopped cilantro
1Tbsp        olive oil
juice from half a lime
salt and pepper to taste

-place all your ingredients in a bowl and give it a good toss

small dice chopped jalapeño for recipe watermelon jalapeno salad in watermelon bowl recipe watermelon cucumber jalapeno salad in watermelon bowl recipe watermelon cucumber jalapeno salad in watermelon bowl recipe


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